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You know you have a backyard rink when...

January 15, 2011

There is nothing harder better than having a backyard rink.  Slapshot is three years old, and he will spend hours each day outside skating on our rink.  Even when the temperature is -7c...he bundles up and heads outdoors.  My new favorite sound is that of my children skating well past the sun setting.  Before I sit down and write a post about the required maintenance of our ice rink...something that often falls on me while my husband is gone...I thought I would give you a peek inside my home, next to the door that opens to our backyard.

Can you guess which shelf belongs to my daughter?

A rusty bucket of new rule is you have to pick up your pucks and bring them in after you are on the rink.  I got tired of having to fish out frozen pucks each night!!  (if you look close, you will see some sticks to the right)

Doesn't everyone have a garden hose in their kitchen?

This is the "locker room" where we sit to put on our skates.  My son likes to have "pep" talks before going out on the ice.  I am naturally the coach, and he is the player.  

Now if you know me (which you really don't), you would know I have a hard time with clutter.  If it were up to me, the toaster and coffee maker would be off the counter and hidden.  I am definitely a "less is more" kind of girl.  However, I have decided to stop fighting the battle, and accept that a backyard rink comes with skates, helmets, pucks, sticks...and even a rolled up garden hose!!


HM said...

Haha Hi, fellow Hockey wife here!Found your blog through a couple of other hockey wives..Anyway, Great post! My fiance and I are from two seperate states (he's from St. Louis and I'm from Massachusetts) and we constantly have a battle about where our "home" is going to be when he is done playing or when we have kids. Recently he told me that we're probably going to have to live in MA so he can create a backyard rink for our kids like you have! Nice to know what I may be getting myself in to haha. Take care, and I love your daughters pink gear!