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July 28, 2011

Last week I did a post on the newest advertisement campaign by Summer's Eve feminine wash.  If you missed it, please click here before continuing on.

If you are not going to click, or you just need a quick memory booster, I will show you just one of the commercials.

.....well it looks like I am not the only one who found the humor in the commercials.  One of my favorites, Steven Colbert of the Colbert Report thought it was worthy of a segment on one of his shows.  Check it out!  HAIL TO THE 'D'....

A featured blog and a link up too!

July 24, 2011

I got an email the other day, informing me that I was selected as Featured Blogger of the Week for the We Are Canadian Blog Hop, a hop I try to participate in each Monday!  I have never done a link-up on my site, and I am excited to discover some new blogs!  I apologize to some of my U.S. readers, as this blog hop is for Canadians (or those living in Canada) only.
But don't let this stop you from visiting some of the linked blogs and discover a few new reads fact, leave them a comment when you are there, and they too might discover your fabulous blog.
If you are still confused as to whether you qualify to link your blog up, I have put together a small quiz.  Depending on your will discover if you are Canadian enough to link your blog.  Let's start!

1.  When you are in the grocery store, and you order at the deli you order:
a) 1/4 pound of shaved ham
   b) 100 grams of smoked meat

2.  You are out and have a full bladder.  You search for the nearest...
a) Restroom
 b) Washroom

3.  Does your milk come in a...
    a) carton 
b) bag

4.  What letter is this "Z"?
a) the letter Z pronounced (zēē)
b) the letter Z pronounced (zěd)

5.  What is written below in the colour red?
 a) zip code
     b) postal code 

6. Is there a misspelling in number 5's question?
a) yes
b) no

** Bonus Questions

What is a Double-Double?
What is a Two-Four?
Do Smarties candies melt?

If you mainly answered the a's....I am sorry you are not Canadian enough to link up.  But feel free to click on the blogs and find out that a double-double is two creams and two sugars in a Timmy Horton's coffee.  A Two-Four is a term for a case (24) of beer, and Smarties DO melt.  They are a candy-coated chocolate disc (like m&m's)...they are not the tart powdered discs, as those are referred to as Rockets.

Are you still here?  Did you answer mainly b's?  Congratulations you are Canadian!  Now scroll down and link up!   I would love to hear from you, and have an opportunity to discover your blog!  Feel free to browse through my blog as I navigate through a life that is dictated by my husband's career in hockey....and discover that sometimes I like to dictate my own life as well!

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Tales of a Hockey Wife
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It is OK to be subtle...

July 19, 2011

**WARNING...if you are uncomfortable with any discussion of tampons, douches, or feminine wash, I suggest you do not read this!

Do you ever see a commercial and just roll your eyes in pure amazement?  In the world of advertising, you know somewhere there was a person who went into a meeting room and presented an idea.  In order for this idea to make onto your television...means somebody had to like it.

Let's talk about commercials aimed at the female audience....they usually are subtle enough to not freak out a man who might be watching the television during the commercial.  Items such as...

  • Tampax
  • Monistat
  • Feminine Wash

When I think of subtle commercials that targets the needs of women, I immediately think of one of my favorite commercials.  Go ahead, watch this and try to guess what they are selling....

Ok...let's talk about this commercial.  The opening sequence is a woman with a cat in her lap....another term for a cat is a PU**Y!!  Next the term "mow the lawn" a subtle way to put it!  Maybe the girls standing behind the many different shapes of their "topiary" isn't subtle enough.  The woman with the TULIPS (two lips) between her legs catches your attention....but in a subtle way!  Ahhh...those folks in the UK are so clever...and their commercials always are a bit naughty.  But wait....there is a sister-commercial here in the US.....

See....I bet you saw this commercial and never even realized the subtle transformation of the "bushes" as the ladies walked past them!

How about a subtle commercial for tampons....

Yes....she is with her "beaver"!!

A long time ago, all of this was taboo.  However in the 1980's....commercials for feminine hygiene products started airing on television.  But of course they too were subtle.....

Who doesn't talk to their mom about douching...while sailing on a boat?

Sometimes, it is best to use humor when talking about something that makes people uncomfortable.  In this commercial....the point is that the tampon is ultra-absorbant!

A few years ago, a new advertisement campaign was launched.  The ads made fun of the usual way female products are advertised on commercials!

I can go on and on....but today I found the best of the worst!  Summer's Eve has a new ad campaign and it is getting a lot of buzz.  I came across these ads in an article, asking people are if they are considered racist.  I am not sure if they are racist...but I do know they are cringe-inducing!  There is nothing subtle about these commercials.  I will let you take a look and you can make your own decision.  All I know is that I question WHO even thought this was a smart marketing ploy!

Did she say "VAGINA LAND" and "VERTICAL SMILE"?  Are those hands supposed to be a subtle way to look like a vagina?

Now if this commercial will make both the men and women cringe!  I am now wondering what I say when my son starts saying "Hail to the V" at school while squeezing his thumb up and down like on the commercial!

Peas and Carrots!

July 10, 2011

Mama needed a break, and this weekend I had the opportunity to get away...

I took a trip to Indianapolis and visited my best friend of twenty-five years!  I was nine years old and in fourth grade when I met her, and to this day she is my true life-partner.  There is no one who knows me better, and there is nothing I cannot tell her....she is my rock!  

Although we have not lived in the same state for the last nineteen years, we always have made a point to see each other at least once a year....and sometimes we are lucky to see each other more than that.  We have traveled together, we have cried together, and we have laughed together!  She was the only one I had stand up with me on my wedding day, and she was the first to know I was pregnant with my daughter (even before my husband!).  In fact, the night my husband proposed...I accepted and immediately asked if I could call my best friend to share the news.  

We once raised a duck together when we were in sixth grade, we both got our first periods within days of each other, we have driven cross-country together, and we went to Mardi Gras in 1997 and ruined any chance of a political future for both ourselves and our family! 

However, we also can sit for hours just playing RumiKub, California Speed, or Chinese Checkers.  We love to go to the casino and play the slot machines (we never win!)...but the best part is that we can just sit side by side watching TV while both surfing the internet on our laptops.  Not a word spoken between us...just silent comfort.  

Do you have a friend like this?

To my dearest are Jennifer to my Courtney...Bert to my Ernie...Oprah to my Gayle...Shirley to my Laverne!  I love you!