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Do you know the muffin-top man?

October 31, 2011

I always say "the best part of the muffin is the muffin-top"...but recently I have had to come to the conclusion that muffin-tops are really not that great!

To be honest, I cannot say I have a true muffin-top, but I am definitely carrying a few more "crumbs" than I use to!  I find myself in my mid-thirties with two children.  My body has changed, and it is not what it used to be...not that I appreciated it back then anyway!  If I could go back in time to when I was nineteen and was worried my arms were too fat or my thighs too thick....I would slap that girl and tell her to appreciate how thin she really is!

Last Sunday, I started The 17 Day Diet.  

I am doing it with two friends, and in the first week, one has lost seven pounds and the other has lost five pounds!  I didn't weigh myself at the beginning, so I am just waiting to fit into some items of clothing I have hidden in the back of my closet!

Don't be fooled, I am not just doing this for 17 days..but 4 groupings of 17 days, which equals 68 days in total.  At the end of the 68 days, I should be fueling my body by reaching for an apple instead of a handful of chips, sipping green tea instead of Diet Coke, and crunching on carrots instead of cookies.

I should also weigh 10-15 pounds less than when I started.  I will try to keep you updated on my 17 68 Day Diet.

Since I am trying to eat a little better, I have decided to try and take care of the skin on my face a little bit better as well.  I have always been fortunate to look younger than my age.  My grandmother had beautiful skin, with hardly a wrinkle at the age of 80...and my mother has beautiful skin as well.  Ever since I can remember, my mother has dutifully washed her face morning and night, used Witch Hazel as a toner, and has moisturized.  She uses eye creams, anti-wrinkle creams, and sunscreens.

My poor face is lucky I wash it in the morning...I am definitely realizing I cannot get away with relying on genetics alone.  I have decided I need to start a skincare regimen before it is too late.  Does anyone have any suggestions?

 Please let me know what you use to clean, tone and moisturize your face!

While my husband is away for the next two weeks, I am going to force myself to take a little bit better care of and skin-wise.  I am also on a mission to go on a money diet while he is away.

I am sure most of you with children experience the "I-Want-Its" and the "Can-I-Have-Its" problem.

Recently, my children have become greedy children who ask for everything they see.

"Can I have gum?"  "Can I have that cereal?"  "I want that Barbie. "  "I want that shirt."

Lately, I have noticed that they have no regard for money.  My daughter has managed to save up $40.00 for a dress form.  Every time she asks me to buy her something I ask if she would like to use her $40.00 to purchase it.  She quickly says "no".  Clearly it is ok to waste mom and dad's money...not her own.  It is time to teach them a lesson on "wants" vs. "needs".    
I have told both my children we will not be spending any unnecessary money while their father is out of town.  In fact, we are making it a challenge and a game.  Both kids were excited when I said we had not spent any money on Saturday or Sunday.

I must confess, I am just as bad with a little purchase online here, and a little purchase there....

But from here until November 13...unless it is gas for the car, needed groceries, and other necessities...I am cinching my wallet!

So for the next two weeks....I will keep you updated on my eating, cleansing and spending.


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I would greatly appreciate your help and your vote....If I cannot be skinny, or have amazing skin, or be filthy rich....with your help I can be a top 25 Canadian Mom Blogger!

Pros and Cons

October 29, 2011

Once again, my husband is on a three week road trip....if you read this, than you know how I feel about "road trips"...But although there are some "cons" when my husband travels...there are also a few "pros"!

I have compiled a list of theses "pros" and "cons"...because sometimes the bottle of wine is half-full, and other nights...the bottle is half-empty!


  • I don't feel like I have to make our bed in the morning.  Growing up, we always had to make our bed...however once I was on my own, I decided that was a silly chore.  My husband likes the bed made everyday...more importantly, he likes it made because I am the one who makes it!  I always feel bad if he comes home from work and I haven't made the bed!  But when he is gone...I don't always make it, and I don't feel guilty about it!  Half the time it is just my side that is I look at it as the bed is half-made!

  • When my husband is away, I don't feel as stressed to make a fancy dinner.  Nothing says "my husband is on a road trip" than a dinner of Kraft Dinner and some carrot sticks.  My kids never would give me a raised eyebrow if we ate Eggo Waffles for dinner...but I don't think my husband would appreciate a gourmet dinner like that!

  • I can watch all of my silly TV shows, and I don't have to hide it!  Usually I will stay up late and watch these shows after my husband has gone to sleep.  When my husband is home, hockey usually is on in our house between the hours of 7:00 and 10:00 I need to catch up on my shows after that.  When my husband is gone, the TV is all mine.  Remember this?  Well I also don't have to worry about someone grabbing the remote and turning on a different show without asking first!


  • I can sleep in my unsexy yet super comfortable underpants and not have to worry that he will recognize them from my post-pregnancy body of our first child (read this)!  Let's face it, we all have underwear we hide in the back of our drawer...that although it is older, the elastic is stretched, and it is big enough to cover an entire is also fabulous to sleep in! 


  • Garbage day SUCKS!  When my husband is home, this is his job!!  I don't know what it is, but taking a garbage can to the corner is going to kill me someday!  Don't even get me started about taking the garbage out in the winter!  For the next three weeks, I will be in charge of all garbage, recyclables, and compost....BLAH!

  • Although it could also be in the "pro" list...I don't like going to bed alone when my husband is away.  Not that I don't like that I can sleep diagonally in our king size bed...I really do find that to be a "pro".  But even though the doors are locked...I still prefer to have my husband home in the evening.    Call it what you will...but I like knowing my husband could slash and hook anyone who decides to break into our home! 

  • Wasn't I just complaining about this last week here?  When my husband is gone, it is me who is in charge of every single bedtime.  I get so frustrated when I try to put my children to bed.  A typical night putting my kids to bed sounds like this!
 "Did you brush your teeth?" (said 35 times)
"I said put on your pajamas!" (said 15 times)
"Stop touching her!" (said 22 times)
"Stop touching him!" (said 9 times)
"You should have eaten your dinner, I am sorry you are hungry!" (said 17 times)
"No you cannot have Gatorade in your bed" (said 6 times)
"I said turn off the light" (said 43 times)
"Good night!!!" (said 88 times)
"No, They are not Jeggings!" (said 1 time) this for that story!
"Go the F*CK to sleep!" (thought 603 times, but never said!)

  • When my husband is gone, I am responsible for finding a babysitter if I need to do anything without the children.  This is not just a pain in the gets expensive also.  I teach fitness classes at night,  and it seems all of the money I make just goes into the pockets our our babysitters!  However, when he is home and has games, I am also responsible for finding a sitter to watch the kids! 

So these are just a few of the things I like and don't like when my husband is away!  I have come to accept that road trips are part of my husband's job, and it is just as hard on him being away as it is on me!  

My dearest husband, if you are reading this while you are on the road...


the one about being pulled over.....

October 28, 2011

 When I first started dating my husband (whom I will refer to as my boyfriend in this post), I always looked forward to home games!  Game nights were always a reason to get dressed up and go out for a great evening.

If you have been reading my blog for some time, you will know that my thoughts about going to a game have changed drastically (here is an example of that!)

But let's flashback to the first year I was dating my husband, I was twenty-one, fifteen pounds skinnier, and not a care in the world...nothing could go wrong in my mind!
On this particular night, I was going to meet my boyfriend at a bar after his game.  I must have been working that night, so I didn't go to his game.  Then again, even if I did go to his game, I usually would get there during the third period...three periods is far too long for me!  

While waiting for my boyfriend, I had two drinks.  I made sure to stop drinking since I knew I would need to drive home that night.  I never have a problem switching to water while everyone else is drinking! 

When my boyfriend showed up, he brought along another player from the opposing team (they played together at some point)....this player brought along his "girlfriend" (not to be confused with his wife)...and she brought along her friend (I assume it was to set her up with my boyfriend, and boy were they both surprised to find out that I was now in the picture!)...Both of these girls were flight attendants from out of town.  I can remember that they were flight attendants, because one girl had a whole bunch of mini's in her purse...CLASSY! 

When the bar closed, my boyfriend suggested I come stay at his house for the night.  He lived downtown, and the drive was maybe three blocks away.  I knew I was completely fine to drive to his condo, and so I told him I would see him there.  However, I always have a nagging feeling when I do drive after a night out...even if it has been hours since my last drink.  

So I get in my car, and head over to his high-rise.  Just as I turn into the underground parking and take the ticket, I realize that I need some "lady supplies".  Since I had already entered the parking garage, I went around to the exit located on another street and decided to hit the local 7-11.  

I never could remember if the 7-11 was on one street or another, and so I was trying to figure it out in my brain when I noticed a cop behind me.  "CRAP!"....I don't care if I am just coming from singing hymnals in church, there is nothing worse than a cop driving behind you!  

I was trying to tell myself that I have done nothing wrong...and I am driving just fine, when I notice the police station on the left....

Ahhhh, silly me!  This is why there is a cop behind me...he is heading back to the station.  I need to take a left turn since the 7-11 is down the street from the police station.  I assume this will be the last of Mr. Policeman!  Well wouldn't you know the police officer drives past the station and is still behind me.


I make the right turn into the 7-11 and the cop pulls in also.  He pulls right behind my car and flashes his lights......


Now this is a twenty-four hour 7-11 in the downtown area....I don't have to explain to you that this place is hopping with many people.  Mostly people who have been out on the town, grabbing their munchies after a few too many beers...THESE are the people who should be worried about a police officer!    

I could see the officer get out of his car and come toward my window.  I literally rolled my window down  (because that is how you did it back then) and was quite afraid I would be arrested for a DUI (even though I was not drunk)!  

The officer looked at me and asked...

"Ma'am...Can I ask you why you entered the complex back there on Custer and then exited from the building on Third Street?"

My brain was dizzy....what did he just ask me?  Then I finally understood what he was saying...

...This is why he followed me?  He must have seen me enter and then exit and assume I was trying to avoid him! I looked suspicious to him!  Suddenly I was smiling at him and I told him exactly why...

"Officer, my boyfriend lives in those condos, and I was going over there to spend the night! As I pulled into the complex I realized that I needed tampons since I am currently on my period.  I had already taken a ticket and couldn't back out, I had to leave through the exit on Third Street so I could buy my tampons here at 7-11"

Of course there was now a small crowd gathering, watching this all happen.  I can tell you the male officer cringed a little when I used the word period and tampon. The look on his face was priceless as he apologized.  What is it with men and menstruation?  Remember this?

I then pushed my way through the crowd, and entered the store.  I found the box of 5 tampax for $7.00 (highway robbery if you ask me).  As I went to pay for them, I raised them up for the officer and everyone outside to see.  

When I finally made it to my boyfriend's condo, he was a bit worried.  I had to explain to him that I had been pulled over for buying tampons! 

Random Observations from today....

October 20, 2011

When I pull up next to you at a light and I can hear your music, and feel your is too loud.  
...and when I look over at you and you shoot me a look like I am some old mom in a minivan, and I am too old to understand today's youth....I want you to know that my observation of you is that you are obviously making up for a lack of something, and I think I know what it is...

I still get lost every time I go to Ikea.  
...and why is it so damn hard to push and turn the carts at Ikea?  Is it the floor?  Is it the cart's wheels?  I still can feel my abdominals from steering the cart while trying to get the hell out of there!
...but the meatballs are delicious!
Ice rinks are cold!

Maybe my son would like to play professional beach volleyball!

It was probably counter-productive to read a diet book (in hopes of losing weight)....

while I munched on Pringles!
My husband and I are currently playing a game, or I like to think it is a game....

It is 8:22 pm, and our kids are supposed to be in bed by 8:30 pm.  We are both waiting to see who will make the first move and be the parent to put them to bed.

This is a common game, as putting our kids to bed is like running a marathon, and it is mentally draining!

I wonder if I should point out my husband's schedule to him....He leaves next week for THREE WEEKS!  That is three weeks or twenty-one bedtimes in a row that I will not have any help.

***It is now 8:40.....My husband is still watching the hockey game, and my son is jumping on his bed....