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ver·sa·tile [vur-suh-tl]

October 9, 2011



  1. Capable of or adapted for turning easily from one to another of various tasks...unloading a dishwasher, packing two school lunches, signing off on homework...all while feeding two children breakfast.
  2. Having or capable of many uses...laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning the house, paying the bills...all while a husband is out of town.
  3. Variable or changeable...nine cities in twelve years (including eleven different homes in twelve years), two kids born in two different cities...and an extremely good chance we will move again in the next two years!
Ginger from (Not) Just Another Mother of Twins gifted me with this fine little blog award the other day....It has been a while since I received a blog award, and I am quite excited.  It is always a great feeling to find out new people not only find and read my blog....but they like it enough to spread the word to other fellow bloggers!  In the great words and a visual from Ginger's blog...
So as we all know...when a blog award is received and accepted there are rules to be followed!  So here are my seven random things you have yet discovered about me...

I have four tattoos....

  • a shamrock on my back (tramp-stamp)...done BEFORE the term tramp-stamp was used!
  • a morning glory on my left-outer ankle.
  • a four-leaf clover on top of my right foot.
  • the 'female' symbol on my right hip...
The tattoo on my hip is about an inch further from it's original spot since I had my two kids...Can you solve the riddle and figure out why!

I have owned nine cars....
  • My first car was a 1978 Toyota Tercel Hatchback.  I bought it from my neighbor for $250.00.  I sold it for $400.00 two years later!

  • My second car was the car I always wanted....a 1986 Volkswagen Cabriolet!

I then had a Volkswagen Jetta...two Ford Explorers...a Suburu Outback...a Jeep Liberty...a Chrysler Town & Country...and my current Dodge Caravan.

...five of them have been white!

I cannot stand to see someone crack their neck!

It makes my stomach turn, and gives me the chills!  In fact...just this picture is hard for me to look at!  

I am not afraid to save money!

I have no problem buying used clothes from a consignment store for my children...I don't care if my husband's salary was equal to Sydney Crosby's pay check....I would rather let my kids roll in the mud in a fancy outfit and not worry about it!    
Of course I always wash the clothes before my kids wear them....and half the time I can sell them back after they have outgrown them.  I know someone that thinks this is "gross"...but she is always happy to receive my kids' hand-me-downs!  ( I wonder if I should tell her where I get them in the first place)!
Let it snow... (ok, not really...but bring on the Carols!)

I am always anxious to start listening to Christmas music!  I will start listening to it on November 23 December 1 until December 26...

 I saw this today...and I got that "Christmas is coming!" excitement.  It doesn't hurt that I found and purchased my daughter's big Christmas gift today (which is really not that big). Although I listen to Christmas music quite early in the season...I am a last minute Christmas shopper!

I am sarcastic!

Sometimes my sarcasm doesn't go over so well.  I know there are times that I say something just to be snide...and the other person doesn't quite get my humor.  I then regret what I have just said.  

I always love when I meet people with just as much sarcasm as me....It makes for great coffee date on a random Wednesday!  Unless they are interrupted by a nasty rash and lyme disease!  (damn...Was that sarcastic?)
I am Clueless!

My husband has been out of town for a week....On Monday, I confessed to him that I had NO CLUE what city he was in.  He laughed and told me to look it up on the team website.  I almost never know what hotel he is staying in when he is on the road.  
When we would date, my husband made a point not to talk to me while he was on the road...he says it was a 'test'.  I never complained or asked him why he didn't call...and I passed the test! (This was also before everyone had a cell phone, personal computer, etc. and you could not be contacted at all it seemed quite normal to not hear from him!)

Now to gift this award to five bloggers....Unfortunately, I need to clean the dinner dishes, pack for a (Canadian) Thanksgiving trip, wash the children, and put them to I will not have time to contact five specific bloggers.  

If you have followed me for long enough...and you know the answer to the following question without having to search my may consider yourself gifted of this award!


Thank you Ginger!


anonymous said...

Don't you worry that you might bring home lice in the used clothes?

Jaime said...

I know! I know! I know! 


Val Browning said...

I love your blog, but I don't have any official award for it other than the "Val loves this blog" award which I now award you :) 

I think if you were stranded on an island you would take, and I know this is a stretch for you but work with me, Sting!

DP said...

You make me laugh - Hockey Wife. Wednesday mornings are delicious.