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Pros and Cons

October 29, 2011

Once again, my husband is on a three week road trip....if you read this, than you know how I feel about "road trips"...But although there are some "cons" when my husband travels...there are also a few "pros"!

I have compiled a list of theses "pros" and "cons"...because sometimes the bottle of wine is half-full, and other nights...the bottle is half-empty!


  • I don't feel like I have to make our bed in the morning.  Growing up, we always had to make our bed...however once I was on my own, I decided that was a silly chore.  My husband likes the bed made everyday...more importantly, he likes it made because I am the one who makes it!  I always feel bad if he comes home from work and I haven't made the bed!  But when he is gone...I don't always make it, and I don't feel guilty about it!  Half the time it is just my side that is I look at it as the bed is half-made!

  • When my husband is away, I don't feel as stressed to make a fancy dinner.  Nothing says "my husband is on a road trip" than a dinner of Kraft Dinner and some carrot sticks.  My kids never would give me a raised eyebrow if we ate Eggo Waffles for dinner...but I don't think my husband would appreciate a gourmet dinner like that!

  • I can watch all of my silly TV shows, and I don't have to hide it!  Usually I will stay up late and watch these shows after my husband has gone to sleep.  When my husband is home, hockey usually is on in our house between the hours of 7:00 and 10:00 I need to catch up on my shows after that.  When my husband is gone, the TV is all mine.  Remember this?  Well I also don't have to worry about someone grabbing the remote and turning on a different show without asking first!


  • I can sleep in my unsexy yet super comfortable underpants and not have to worry that he will recognize them from my post-pregnancy body of our first child (read this)!  Let's face it, we all have underwear we hide in the back of our drawer...that although it is older, the elastic is stretched, and it is big enough to cover an entire is also fabulous to sleep in! 


  • Garbage day SUCKS!  When my husband is home, this is his job!!  I don't know what it is, but taking a garbage can to the corner is going to kill me someday!  Don't even get me started about taking the garbage out in the winter!  For the next three weeks, I will be in charge of all garbage, recyclables, and compost....BLAH!

  • Although it could also be in the "pro" list...I don't like going to bed alone when my husband is away.  Not that I don't like that I can sleep diagonally in our king size bed...I really do find that to be a "pro".  But even though the doors are locked...I still prefer to have my husband home in the evening.    Call it what you will...but I like knowing my husband could slash and hook anyone who decides to break into our home! 

  • Wasn't I just complaining about this last week here?  When my husband is gone, it is me who is in charge of every single bedtime.  I get so frustrated when I try to put my children to bed.  A typical night putting my kids to bed sounds like this!
 "Did you brush your teeth?" (said 35 times)
"I said put on your pajamas!" (said 15 times)
"Stop touching her!" (said 22 times)
"Stop touching him!" (said 9 times)
"You should have eaten your dinner, I am sorry you are hungry!" (said 17 times)
"No you cannot have Gatorade in your bed" (said 6 times)
"I said turn off the light" (said 43 times)
"Good night!!!" (said 88 times)
"No, They are not Jeggings!" (said 1 time) this for that story!
"Go the F*CK to sleep!" (thought 603 times, but never said!)

  • When my husband is gone, I am responsible for finding a babysitter if I need to do anything without the children.  This is not just a pain in the gets expensive also.  I teach fitness classes at night,  and it seems all of the money I make just goes into the pockets our our babysitters!  However, when he is home and has games, I am also responsible for finding a sitter to watch the kids! 

So these are just a few of the things I like and don't like when my husband is away!  I have come to accept that road trips are part of my husband's job, and it is just as hard on him being away as it is on me!  

My dearest husband, if you are reading this while you are on the road...



TexaGermaNadian said...

Amen to trashy girly TV when the hubs is gone. Hope the weeks will go by fast and he is home in no time!

April said...

You're bedtime routine sounds like ours!  I just have to do bedtime by myself 2 nights a week but Scott is usually in charge of bedtime so those 2 nights end up with me being stressed out and drinking wine.

Ixy said...

Usually I'm the one who's travelling, but the few times my husband's been away I felt kind of lonely and creeped out too.  I just feel safer when he's cuddled up next to me.

TeenainToronto said...

We miss them but it's always nice to get rid of them :)