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Breaking up is {not so} hard to do!

December 31, 2011

The number one all-time most-viewed blog post of 2011.......

My open letter to Kim Kardashian about her wedding/divorce was the most viewed post of all time.  I was shocked to see the numbers of daily page views after I posted this.....I wonder if Kim herself saw it too {giggle}!  

Tales of a Hockey Wife will return after the new year with new tales for 2012....

Thank you to all of you who have taken the time to read my blog, send lovely comments, and give me a reason to keep exposing my true inner-geek to all of you!  

Are you a peeping tom?

This post was my second most-viewed post of 2011....and I can only think about the poor guy who typed in "Inside a woman's locker room" in their Google search hoping to see naked women and came up with this.....

Speaking of gym locker rooms.....are you getting ready to start that exercise regimen this New Year?

Tonight at the stoke of midnight, my all time most-viewed blog post of 2011 will post....can you guess which post caused the most traffic?

Want to see my underwear?

December 30, 2011

2012 is fast approaching, and with it comes Tales of a Hockey Wife's one year I decided to share with you the top three most viewed blog posts of 2011.

Who knew that underwear would be such a hot topic?  

Check back tomorrow to see the second most-viewed post from Tales of a Hockey Wife!

Friends...with benefits?

December 13, 2011

Look who now has a Facebook Page!!

You can find me under the name Hockey Tales

Do you want to be my friend?

Why I didn't save my first car for marriage....

December 3, 2011

My first car was a cream yellow Toyota Tercel hatchback...with orange stripes on the side.  I bought it from my neighbor when I was sixteen for $250.00.

I can recall the day I went over and handed the money I had been saving to my neighbor.  The car was a standard, which I had never been able to drive.  Sure I had played around with other people's stick shifts, but I had never driven it the entire way.

Awkwardly I backed my "new" car out of the neighbor's driveway...and pulled it into my driveway.  I practiced reversing and driving.  In and out of my driveway I went over and over and out, in and out.   Afterwards, I sat in my car and looked around at  all of the options this car had.  Seeing that it was my first car....I can remember that day well.  

My car had a sunroof that could be "popped" in and out. (For those of you who are too young to literally had to pop the thing out and store it in your back seat or trunk).  I also had a tape cassette player in my stereo and a glovebox that locked.  Since the car was made in 1979...that was about it for the options.

But it was my first car and it got me where I needed to go...although I didn't quite arrive there in the style I would later become accustomed too.  In the beginning, there was definitely a learning curve when it came to driving the standard.  But over time, the more I did it...the better I got and the more I enjoyed it.

A year and a half later, I got tired of my first car...and decided I needed a better car.  Then I saw a white Volkswagen Cabriolet parked in an empty lot with a For Sale sign...and I became weak in the knees.  Although I had only driven my Toyota at the time...I had always fantasized about owning a convertible!  I sold my Toyota and went home with that cabriolet within two days.  I know that seems like I was moving too fast...but I couldn't control my desire!

This car had so many more options than my previous car.  Leather seats and a roof that came completely down.  Again it was a standard, but that was an option I decided I liked and was glad to have again.  I loved driving around in that car, and I can honestly say driving that car compared to my first car was a far more satisfying experience.  I was sure I would have this car forever...

Three years later, my convertible was not as reliable as I had hoped it would be in the beginning.  Sure it was good to drive, but the time and energy I had to put into this car was not worth those moments of bliss.  I traded this car in for another.

When I look back at all of the cars I have driven....they have all been different, but have given me some great memories.  Each time I get a new car, I opt for new options...or keep some of the same.  Now as I am older...I drive a minivan around town. My minivan has all the options I need, but sometimes I look back and wonder what it would be like to once again drive a convertible.   But I know that my minivan is reliable and the car for me.

Why am I telling you about my "first car"?  Because I am a true believer that cars are like sex.  We all have memories of our "first car" and our 'first time".  We probably look back upon that first car...much like our first time having sex.  As great as that first car seemed...I wouldn't want it to be the only car I have ever driven.  Just like sunroofs, heated leather seats, and power doors...there are many "options" when it comes to sex...and you need to experience some of these "options" to find out what works for you.

Although my convertible was AMAZING...I know I can be just as satisfied with the power-doors in my minivan.  I once had heated seats (I believe you should try everything once)...but it was just an experimental phase I was going through. I am not ashamed of the times I rented a car for a day...and never looked back when I turned it in the following morning...maybe I was just using that rental car for my own personal needs?  Of course I must point out that when driving random cars, safety is number one....ALWAYS USE A SEATBELT!!

I applaud those who saved up their money until marriage before buying a car of their own....there must be joy in knowing you are the first one to drive the car, and there are no car payments attached.  But how do you know that the car you are buying without a test-drive will be the most satisfying experience?  Then again, if you have never driven another will never know what you could be missing.

Which brings me to this....
Have you seen the promos for this new show?  I am so excited I could pee in my pants!  This looks like pure reality trash...and I love it!

Check out the promo for the show....

TLC had me at the kiss...I will be definitely tuning into The Virgin Diaries Sunday night at 9/8 c.  Will you?

Just to make it even more exciting...I will be hosting a live chat right here on Tales of a Hockey Wife!! We can laugh, shudder and commentate our thoughts as we watch the premier of this new show.....

So come back tomorrow night Sunday December 4, 2011 at 9:00 pm (Eastern)  8:00 pm (Central) and locate the Live chat on my sidebar.....pour a glass of wine and meet some great bloggers while watching The Virgin Diaries on TLC.  If you don't have access to TLC come chat anyway. 

Can you really love your belly?

December 1, 2011

Maybe some of you watched the Victoria Secret Fashion Show the other night...and are now feeling as though you should be looking like this.....
For some reason...this "fashion show" does not make me stop and wonder if they have that bra and pantie set in my size...instead it makes me feel as though I should not be wearing that at all!

We see the photos in the magazines and catalogs...then we feel inadequate because our stomachs are not toned, taut and flat.  We feel ashamed to wear a swimsuit to the pool on a hot day...and we torment ourselves with diets and binges.

I am just as guilty...If you go back through my blog you will find many instances where I beat up on myself because I don't look like I stepped out of the pages of a lingerie ad.  I have even been known to photoshop a hockey mask onto Janet Gretzky's body and "try" to pass it off as my own {GASP}!

Do you ever wonder what pictures would look like if photoshop had never been invented? Oh wait...I think it would look something like this...
Bathers by Pierre-Auguste Renoir
I wonder what Renoit's painting would look like today?

No wonder we all feel so bad about our bodies....we are being tricked into believing there is something wrong with ourselves.  The reality is that there are a lot more of "us" than of "them"!!

Have you seen this yet?  It has been all over the internet the past few days....
Go on over to the XOJANE Real Girl Project and check out the 75 bellies proudly on display.  These are actual bellies that have not been photoshopped.  They represent what a majority of women's stomachs really look like.  

Then join me for my new rally.....