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There is no crying in Hockey....

April 30, 2011

I am so tired....of moving!

I am so tired....of leaving my friends!

I am so tired....of seeing my family once a year!

I am so tired....of cleaning this house!

I am so tired....of trying to find a place for everything!

I am so tired....of pretending I don't mind moving!

I am so tired....of always being the one to solve the problem of being out of napkins!

I am so tired....of feeling guilty for leaving the house without the kids to grocery shop, yet my husband golfs for five hours at a time!

I am so tired....of not having a girlfriend to talk over a hot cup of coffee!

I am so tired....of not having friends to drink (too much) wine with!

I am so tired....of spending money for stupid things required for each move!

I am tired of....feeling like a glorified housekeeper and babysitter, instead of a wife and mother!

I am tired of....never knowing where we will live from year to year!

I am tired of....feeling like a nag, because my husband procrastinates!

I am tired of....feeling tired of everything!

I took the month of April away from blogging....I just needed a break while we moved back to our cottage for the summer.  This is the first year we are presented with having a child that is in school...and we had to get her registered in her new school.  What a brave girl she is...and jumped right in, making friends and having a great time.  I on the other hand, have been slowly unraveling!

I always put on a brave face....telling everyone how lucky we are to have such a great life in hockey!  I want my kids to do well with the moves, I want my husband to feel good about the life we live....but there are times I just cannot smile any more!  Today was a breaking point.....

My husband was out golfing with his buddies....I was home cleaning cobwebs, dusting baseboards, scrubbing toilets...and listening to my kids fight.  When one of my kids made the trash can knock over in the kitchen I lost it.  I sent both kids to their room...just as my husband came home!  I told him I was tired of being the only one to clean, and they could clean their own rooms.  My husband tried to get the kids to stop crying....and I went downstairs and cried over the pot of macaroni and cheese I was making for the kid's lunch.

When my husband came downstairs....I lost it.  SEE ABOVE RANT!

Tomorrow will be better....and I will once again get into the groove of things!  But today is my day to let my emotions come to the surface and spill out!  Today is my day to say I want off of this merry-go-round!

So there IS crying in hockey!


...and we're off!

April 16, 2011

We have packed up everything, but the kitchen sink...and we are headed to our summer home.  Once there, I will unpack and organize.  We will do yard work outside of a home that has sat empty and neglected for nine months (you have to love raking wet leaves).  Our home probably has had a few unwelcome mice visitors, so it will be sanitized.  Cobwebs will be taken down...and before we know it, we will be settled into our home.

...Until the winds change direction and we once more pack it all up for the next hockey season.  

Masters be damned...

April 10, 2011

Well today is the last day of The Masters....and I can no longer remain silent!  All I want to do is scream!
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If I didn't know better, I would think there is something fishy about The Masters golf tournament!  The fact that Augusta is a MEN'S ONLY golf club only makes my argument that much stronger....

Do you think it is a coincidence that The Masters is held at the end of the regular hockey season?
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Not to start a conspiracy theory...but it is about this time of year I am knee deep in boxes, hockey bags, and STRESS...while my husband sits watching golf on TV.  To say I get a little peeved by this is an understatement.
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I feel so guilty if I take an hour and watch an episode of Real Housewives of New York....and if I do sit and watch a television show...I am usually folding laundry.  Could you imagine what would happen if I sat and watched a Real Housewives marathon for FOUR DAYS STRAIGHT?
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I always pat myself on the back when it comes to our family planning, since both of my children were born right at the end of the regular hockey season.  On the other hand, both of my children were also born during the week of The Masters.

This is our newborn daughter watching Phil Mickelson win his first green jacket.....You are welcome Phil, I am happy to have birthed your good luck charm!

Now as you can husband, being the lover-of-golf hands-on-dad that he is, was more than happy to get to know his new child by lying on the hospital bed and hold her close while he watched The Masters!
This is a picture of my husband watching The Masters while holding our newborn daughter.  If you notice he is lying in my hospital bed!  I was forced to sit in the chair while he slept held our daughter!

Now don't get me wrong, it has been a tough hockey season for my here.  It is always tough when the team doesn't make the play-offs, and I am sure a little golf on the television helps take his mind off an early end to his hockey season.

I just get frustrated when this is his view...
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and this is my view...
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How NOT to make babies....

April 6, 2011

Last night as I was putting my daughter to bed, we were talking about her birthday...which is two days away.  My daughter loves to hear stories from I told her about the two days leading up to her birth.
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The night of April 5th, I had falsely assumed I was having contractions...which at the time I was a first time birther (not like that...I believe President Obama is a United States citizen!)...I had never given birth before.  I assumed the slightly uncomfortable, cramp-like feelings were actual contractions!  All night I timed them...they were 9 minutes apart...and then they stopped so I went to bed.
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The next morning I awoke and called the doctor.  She told me to go for a long walk and then come in around 4:00 pm to be checked.  I assume she didn't really believe I was in labor, as I now had seven hours to kill until she would see me.
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I took a very long walk, and then went home and made myself productive.....
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When I got to the hospital, I was "checked" by a crabby nurse...She told me that there was no chance of a baby in the next 24 hours and I should go home and rest.  My husband and I decided to go eat some spicy mexican food and a drink a few Coronas.
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I will spare you the details of the next 24hours, but let's just say the nurse was wrong.....and I was completely wrong about what contractions feel like...
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My daughter was born on April 7th at 9:55 am.....and she was worth all of the pain and weight gain.

Tonight, as I was telling my daughter about her entrance into our family, I didn't spare too many details !  As she listened, she got quiet. Then the questions started coming.

(I would like to point out, my daughter has never asked how babies are made...nor been told)

Mom, do girls have to have babies?

No, you don't have to have a baby if you don't want to.

Is there a way for a girl to not have a baby?

(I am a firm believer that you answer questions from children with honest and to-the-point answers)

Yes, there are ways.


Well...there is some medicine a girl can take...and there are things that can be used (oh shit, oh shit, oh shit!)...

Is the medicine a shot?

It can be, but it is usually a pill.

Good...I think I need to start taking the pill because I don't want a baby!

(oh shit, oh shit, oh shit)  Goodnight dear!
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Seeking advice from a higher power....

April 4, 2011

The problem with hockey, is that you never know exactly when the season will end.  There is always a chance for playoffs, and those can last anywhere from a almost two months.  That can get frustrating when you are trying to make arrangements for a move!  Especially if you are a planner like I am!  I cannot book a flight until the team is done playing (no early-bird fares for me!).  I cannot commit to certain events, as I don't really know if I will be there for them.  Packing items I "may" need is put off...until the last moment.  I just wish I had a way of knowing when we would be leaving for our cottage...

The regular season is coming to an end, and tonight my husband's team lost a key game.  Since I have been busy packing, but not as busy as I should be...I figured I would consult a higher power.  

The question is...

"Will my husband's team make the playoffs?"

Looks like I better step up my packing!  

**Look for a regular Magic 8-Ball feature coming in May!!


April 1, 2011


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