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The Starting Line-Up

**Names (and bodies) have been changed to protect anonymity**

Tales of a Hockey Wife
(Um, yeah, I don't think so!  Thank you Janet Gretzky for letting me 'borrow' your body!)
I find myself in my mid-thirties with two young children and a husband. (I do not find myself with the above figure, but a girl can pretend dream!) For 15 years, I have lived a life  that revolves around the game of hockey.  Somedays I love the game, and some days I despise it.  Life as a hockey wife can be exciting, lonely, and eventful.  This blog is a chance for me to compile my thoughts and try to make sense of the day-to-day challenges I face.

Mr. Coach*
(*This is NOT my husband, I 'borrowed' this picture from the no use trying to figure out the team)
After playing professional hockey for over nineteen years, my husband is now coaching in the sport.  Don't let my posts fool you...Mr.Coach is a wonderful husband and father.  The life of hockey is not for everyone.  My husband appreciates my lack of "hockey knowledge" and the fact I can handle this crazy, yet wonderful life hockey has given to us!

Our first born is almost 8 years old.  She has lived in seven cities in less than eight years, and she is a trooper.  We are so thankful to have such a great daughter.  If I had to describe my daughter in one word it would be PINK (or anything colorful...see photo)!  Pink skates, pink hockey helmet, pink snow pants, pink gloves...she is a true girl who could care less about the game of hockey!  

Our second born is almost 5 years old.  He has lived in five cities in less than six years.  If you had to describe my son in one word it would be SPORTS!  If it involves a ball, a bat, a stick, or running, my son loves it and excels at it.  Hockey is in his blood!