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50 shades of Rambling!

May 23, 2012

I know, I have not posted for a long time!  Well tonight, I felt I owed you all a post..If there are any of you are left.  Maybe it is the wine I am guzzling drinking...but tonight I feel like I will just let my fingers type whatever my brain spits out.  Hang on and enjoy the word vomit...I will hold your hair back (Like Mr Grey did for Ana!) um.....gross! 

Can you believe it is already May 22?  Holy Crap!  Last year at this time we were at our cottage for a month already.  My daughter had been enrolled in a new school to finish out her 1st grade year, our dock was installed, our boat was in the water, the leaves had been cleaned up, the patio furniture was out, and our summer home was clean and once agin in use.

What a difference a year makes!

We are still in Canada.  My kids will finish in the same school they started at this year.  I am working and will be staying in Canada the entire summer.  Our cottage is still shut down, our boat is still under shrink wrap, and we don't know when we will open our home. The shitty thing is that most of my summer clothes are at the cottage, and it is beginning to get warm here.  I might need to take a quick (if a 7 hour drive each way feels quick) drive to pick up some much needed items.

I am working...did I mention that?  I am working at a FABULOUS gym, teaching 6+ classes a week, plus a few more in other facilities.  I can teach anywhere from 6 - 12 classes per week when I sub.  My knees hurt, my back hurts, and I am spending too much money on iTunes...but I love it!  I will definitely have to do a post about a "day-in-the-life-of-a-fitness-instructor"!

Have I lost weight, you ask?  A little...but since I am mostly teaching strength-based classes...I am getting more bulky.  I think I mentioned before that I have a tendency to build  big arms are getting a little more defined, and I can see a big difference in my waist and stomach...but as luck should have it, I am still wearing the same size clothes!  {sigh}

I have just completed the second book of the 50 Shades of Grey series!  {wowza!}  I will start book three tonight and will probably be done my tomorrow.  I get why everyone is reading it!  If you have yet to start it..I suggest you do!  I purchased a Kindle, so I could read it in public without anyone knowing what I was reading.  I really am enjoying the book, and I think my husband is too.  He has not read it yet, but I will make him!  I do believe it is never too late to teach old dogs new tricks!

I can blog about the two pimples on my chin...{GRRRR} (yes, I still get pimples at my age...WTF?)

There is a new package of toilet paper in the entrance hallway.  I wonder how  long it will sit there until some poor person has to climb down two flights of stairs to grab it so they can wipe their ass because we are out of toilet paper in the bathrooms.  That reminds me to hide my own roll in the bathroom so I don't disturb my experiment.

I like red wine....Bogle Zinfandel to be exact.  It is sponsoring this post tonight.

I got my camera...a T3i.  To busy to take pictures!

I have five different colors of nail polish on my left hand....I never can find a shade I like at the store.

I think my pimples are from the microphone while I teach...{double GRRRR!}

There are no pictures in this post.....I am too tired.

I think LA is going to win the cup...then every celebrity will come out of the woodwork pretending they love hockey......{gagging with a spoon}!

I had my 36th birthday this month....why do I feel like I am now rolling down a hill?

We have been in here three years {record} but we have been in two different homes. Just rented third home for the next season....hope we get to come back.  I think there is a big cart standing in front of my horse!

Damn, Christian Grey is HOT! I  would trade a little Red Room of Pain for a closet of clothes and a ride in Charlie Tango!

It sucks watching parents get old!

Staring at the package of toilet paper in the entry hall as I type.......I will keep you posted on twitter as to when it is properly put away!

I just realized I have an Easter egg wreath on my mantle....I guess I should put that away.  I will do it when the toilet paper gets put away.

I have not seen my sister or father since Christmas 2010.  I saw my mom last summer for 24 hours.  I miss them.

I got a sunburn at the pool the other day....I am a sun worshiper.  I will regret it when I am 50, but for now I am pleased when I am tan!

I think I am buzzed!

This post reminds me of this.  I LOVE her posts! Even though we are not on the same political page.  Gini makes my Tuesdays better!

I was mentioned here.....{wow}. It is a discussion on Hockey Wives being hot or not.  I think the person linked to me to prove the "NOT" point. Oh well....I guess the two pimples on my chin took me out of that contest anyhow!

I sometimes go back and read past posts of mine  and wonder where I got my ideas.  This may be the wine talking, but I think I would read my blog if it weren't MY blog.  I hope other people like it too....if not, at least I do.

I wish my husband did more choreplay! He vacuumed the other day {hot}...but left vacuum in the middle of the living room {not hot}!

I hope I wake up a size two tomorrow...but that probably won't happen....EVER!

A man told me he thought I was gorgeous today while in line at Timmy Horton's.  I privately wondered if he had a Red Room of Pain as I said thank you!  I think I am reading too much these days!

My last sentence is a question for reader(s)....

Have you read the 50 Shades of Grey series?  If so...twitchy palm, or stowed twitchy palm?



shadonipr said...

ROFL Love it!  It's amazing what a bottle of Zin can do for you.  I think, however, that you need to look for two more is Skinny Bitch and one is just Bitch.  I'm not much of a red wine drinker, but I like them and they aren't too expensive.  

Too bad about the cottage.  Summer getaways are always nice.  

Keep on posting! 

chemgirljaime said...

I haven't read 50 Shades of Grey ..but I have an issue with spending $11 on a book.. I'm cheap since I got my kindle. 

I did the tp experiment awhile back... it never worked. I wish you luck on yours though.. lol

I love gini too.... even though I feel the same about you regarding her political beliefs.. she makes me laugh.. and that trumps all. 

so when are you gonna do another chat night?

Lily said...

Ah the toilet paper experiment. I have learned that the package will stay there even while the toilet paper itself starts to appear in the bathroom. The wrapper will remain even after all the toilet paper is removed. Seriously, wrapper on the floor, no toilet paper left. Awesome.

Are Easter eggs not supposed to be out any more? Crap! Thanks for the heads up!

And while I may upset you, I must say...LET'S GO RANGERS!!! (As they lose 3-2 in game 5...dear God let them win this game!)

Great post!

Jenn said...

I have no idea how I even stumbled onto your what the hell was I searching for that lead me to this page??? I may never know the answer but one thing I do know...that was freakin hilarious.  I haven't read 50 shades of grey yet but thank you for making me laugh. PS...I like the LAKings reference.

Sincerely, Born and raised 'Stanley Cup wining' Kings fan :)

Rocky Mountain Decals said...

Hilarious and very relateable post! Thanks for sharing!

❤ ❤