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Tis the Season to Spray Pepper Spray...

November 27, 2011

Please forgive my absence, but I have not been feeling too great.  Seeing that I usually get sick when:
  • My husband is on a road trip
  • Our schedule for the week is packed with activities.
Thankfully Canada celebrates Thanksgiving in I didn't have to worry about cooking a huge meal for anyone.  I did celebrate a bit by wearing my pajamas for most of the day.  I tried watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade...but that made me feel like a big sloth.   It does not feel appropriate to watch a parade in your pajamas on a regular Thursday morning...while everyone outside your door is either working or being productive.  So I sat in my pajamas and watched an episode of The Real housewives of Beverly Hills.  Much more acceptable!  

Because Canada celebrated Thanksgiving last month...there is not too much ado about Black Friday.  Not too many people standing in lines at 3:00 am when they are expected at work at 8:00 am! 

So let's talk about Black Friday.  Do you participate in this frenzy each year? Today I want to talk about my thoughts on this ridiculous annual event.  


I certainly can tell you my mom never shopped on Black Friday.  She was a single mother, and we were lucky to have the gifts we did on Christmas morning.  Santa always filled our stockings with shampoo and conditioner, bubble bath, razors, toothbrushes and toothpaste, hairspray and hair clips.  These were basic necessities that my mother would have had to purchase anyway...but they were gifted to us as Christmas presents.  We would receive clothes we needed, hats and gloves we needed, and a few toys we wanted.  Never once do I look back on my childhood and feel like I was unloved or under-gifted. 

Since when did Santa put everything you asked for under the tree? These mothers are feeding the "I want" monster...and giving it dessert as well! 

If you are one of those people who slept out, waited with a huge group of people in a parking lot, or pushed through a door and acted all crazy on Black Friday...then I expect you to have more compassion for those willing to do the same in your local downtown park.  Whether you share the same beliefs or both have experienced the hardship of finding a restroom to use in such a big crowd! 

As consumers, we are paying enough of a mark-up...that they can mark items way down and still make a profit?  How can you not buy a new 46" flatscreen TV to replace your small 38" flatscreen TV you bought last year on Black is 20% off! Buy 2 shirts, get the 3rd for 50% may only need one shirt, but if you spend $32.00 more, you will get two shirts you don't need.  What is better than one Buzz Light Year toy that is 45% off? of them!


If you live in Arkansas and get a waffle-maker from your Cousin only cost her $2.00.  But she went to war and back to get it for you!

On a side note, to the woman in the blue should forget about the waffle-makers and head over to aisle six...the belts are on sale too! 


Unemployment is at a record high.  Gas prices are at a record high. Home foreclosures are at a record high.  Credit card debt is at a record high....yet according to this article, this year's Black Friday sales broke a record and are up 7% from last year.  I cannot help wonder about the 11.4 billion dollars this article says was spent on Black Friday.  How much of that 11.4 billion was put on credit be worried about after the holidays are over.  

Since I choose to stay at home with my children, we are a family that relies on one paycheck to pay our bills.  We are fortunate that my husband is able to make a good living in Hockey.  But living in Canada (high-cost-of-living)...we are feeling a crunch this Holiday many of you.  Why do people feel the need to go into debt to give presents that are not needed?  

My children do not need any more toys.  They both have iPods, they both have more clothes than they can wear in a month, their coats and snow pants from last year still fit, they have gloves and hats to keep them warm, and the wii has an inch of dust on it.  What my kids do need is the thrill of staying up too late with their cousins on Christmas eve, too much egg nog, homemade sugar cookies and sticky candy canes, and a small present under the tree to keep the magic of Santa alive for another year

So forgive me if I sound like a Scrooge....but the last time I checked, Christmas was a time to spread peace and joy...not spread pepper spray!

(even that is discounted this Holiday Season! )

The one where the mom got sick....

November 19, 2011

For those who read this, and really know will know that as soon as I start losing my voice, I am getting sick.  Well I am now losing my voice!

I have nodules on my vocal chords (the things famous singers have surgery to remove all of the time).  Well I am not famous, nor am I a I just have to deal with them.  As soon as I have any irritation in my throat...the nodules flair up and I lose my voice.  My mom says she always knew when I was getting sick, because my voice would disappear.  

My throat is sore, my nose is running, and I feel a little under the weather.  But the worse part is losing my voice!  I have been known to lose my voice for weeks at a time!  Thankfully I have my annual physical this maybe I can get to the bottom of this illness before it gets out of control.

...But I really wish I had my voice!

Today is the last day....

November 17, 2011

Today is the last day for votes over at Circle of Moms for the Top 25 Canadian Mom Blogs!  

I am asking each of you to please take a moment to click on the above link and scroll down to Tales of a Hockey Wife (currently number 17).  When you find my on the vote button.  That is it, that is all there is to it.  

I am so appreciative of all of you who have already voted today, and for those who voted these past two weeks as well.  What started as a creative way for me to laugh at my life as a wife and mother...has turned into more than I could imagine.  Thank you for all of your comments...I love them! 

Remember, tonight at 8:00 EST we will be chatting on Tales of a Hockey Wife!  Stop by and introduce yourself! 

November 16, 2011

Last week I hosted my first chat on my blog.  A few ladies joined me and before you knew it, three hours had passed.  We chatted about a little bit of everything.  Isn't it funny how people who have never met can have so much in common? I am anxious to meet a few more of you.  Whether you have a specific question for me, or just want to get in on the conversation...who knows where it may lead.

Join me on Thursday November 17 at 8:00 pm (EST)....

Come to Tales of a Hockey Wife and locate the chat box on my sidebar.  Sign in however you would like...and start chatting.  Please introduce yourself so we all know how to address you for specific questions and comments (to make things easier).  

To get things started, I have thought of a random question to start the discussion.


Getting to know you...again!

November 15, 2011

After three weeks on a road trip (read here to see how I feel about those) husband came home!

My husband arrived home around two in the morning, and the kids were more than excited to see him when they woke up for school!  It was like Christmas morning!  Our son woke up first and promptly came into our room and climbed right between my husband and I to cuddle with his father.  I was pushed to the side of the bed to hang over the not to intrude of father-son time!

My daughter awoke next...and was so anxious to show her father the two teeth she lost while he was away.  Skype cannot do justice to two gaping holes in one's mouth!  There were hugs, and cuddles and a lot of "I missed you" from both kids.

My husband is usually gone in the mornings, even on days he has practice.  I have a developed a routine for the kids which allows us to get to the bus stop in a timely manner...and also keep me from needing a short stay in a padded room.

7:45 - Both kids get up, use the washroom, and get dressed.

8:00 - Downstairs for breakfast.  Kids will eat while I pack lunches, and organize backpacks.

8:15 - Upstairs for teeth brushing, hair brushing, and sock application...

8:30 - Last minute necessities and free time (television)

8:40 - Shoes and coats on...then out the door.

If we keep with this timeline, we all walk out the door with smiles on our faces and can have a nice walk to the bus stop.  If we are not on this schedule, it could look a little like this....

With my husband home can guess that our routine was tossed out the window.  At 8:15 our kids were still eating their breakfast.  When I told them to get up to brush teeth, my husband pointed out that they were still eating.  So I pointed out that is the way it works in the morning, and if that means rumbly-tummies, they will know better the next morning.

 I often wonder if my husband knows what it really takes to get two kids ready in the morning!

Of course both kids were fawning over their dad.  My son wouldn't let me put his socks on him, my daughter wanted her father to walk her to the bus, and it was requested that my husband meet them at the bus after school.  Basically, all the hard work I put into the last three weeks to feed and care for the kids was forgotten....Mom Who?

You know when you return from a vacation...there are a couple of days of decompression?  Well my husband experiences that when he returns from a long road trip, and I try to be understanding.  He is looking for a home-cooked meal...while I am desperate to go out and have a meal served to me.  Three weeks on the road can be quite tiring...But three weeks home with the kids can drive you insane!

Another thing we deal with when my husband returns home is once again getting used to living with each other.  I call it a "get -to-know-you-again" period.

For the last three weeks, we have each had the luxury of sleeping alone in a bed.  Now we once again have to have bed courtesies...such as:
  • Turning out the bedside light so the other can go to bed.
  • Not sleeping on a diagonal with the blankets wrapped every which way.
  • Making the bed each morning (read this)
  • Keeping snores, and other rude sounds to a minimum.

When my husband returned, I was completely caught up on there is a pile of three weeks worth of dirty laundry.  Thankfully the little elves will come and wash, dry and fold it!  I would feel bad if my husband had to put a load in! 

Bedtimes for the kids:
  • Thankfully, I now have help when it comes to putting the kids to bed.
  • But that means we are also back to this silly game!
  • My husband might figure out that sometimes I let my kids stay up on the weekends until they pass out wherever they happen to be.  
This is a picture of my son asleep in a closet!
The suitcases from his road trip will sit on our bedroom floor...until I announce..."I WILL GET IT!"

To be honest, I am glad to have my husband home...

When I first met my husband, I was having a discussion with someone who had been married and divorced.  He was in a business that took him away from his family for months at a time, and the marriage ended because of it.

We were discussing how my then-boyfriend (now husband) traveled often.  I was quick to point out that we were both independent people, so it was just fine.  He then gave me the best advice that I can pass on to someone who is in a relationship...

" marry someone because you are dependent on them.  A relationship is based on that dependence.  When you both become independent of each other, that is when you no longer have a relationship.....NEVER LOSE THAT DEPENDENCE!"

I think of this advice often.  While my husband was away these past three weeks...I taught both kids to ride their bikes, I painted the basement stairwell, I organized the garage and hung the bikes on the walls, I rearranged furniture, and a few other things. If you were to ask someone, they would say I am pretty independent while my husband is away.  But I always remember that I am dependent on him, and that dependence is the glue that makes a marriage like mine work!

Memo to husband...I need you to remember to take the garbage out on Friday!!

A, B, C, D, EE...

November 13, 2011

I had a conversation last night, and we discussed pregnancy.

I can honestly say I enjoyed both of my pregnancies!  My first pregnancy was textbook....except for the sixty pound weight gain! If you recall this will know that I read What to Expect When You Are Expecting for my entire pregnancy.  I do wish they had a What to Expect AFTER Your Pregnancy book.

I was fat for the entire year I nursed my daughter...that was not fun.  Since my daughter was born in April, I had the joy of being post-baby-fat throughout summer.  I purchased a few pairs of linen pants and some long sleeved shirts at Old Navy...three sizes larger than my norm.  I wore ugly nursing bras, and you guessed it....Packaged underwear that could hold a donkey's ass...only it was my ass they had to hold! (click here for that story) 
It would be 95 degrees out, and people would ask me...
"Aren't you hot in that long-sleeved top and those pants?"
"Oh, no!  I am just fine thank you!" ( I would lie as sweat dripped down my back)

I managed to lose all that weight and then some, immediately after I was finished breast-feeding.  I also lost a lot of my chest, and for the first time I could button up cardigan was bliss!
Pregnancy number two was a bit different.  I was sick the entire nine months.  Not physically sick...I just felt like I needed to throw-up the entire day.  I think that is worse than actually throwing-up!  I was a bit more careful with my diet (easy when nothing sounded good), and thankfully...sushi is not too fattening! (Read about my sushi craving here)

I also was teaching up to seven fitness classes each week until the week before I gave birth.  Yes, I did push-ups, squats and rode a SPIN bike until my 38th week of pregnancy.  I only gained 32 pounds. I figured if I lost 60 pounds, 32 pounds would be a breeze.
I never really wore any of my maternity clothes for my second pregnancy....I was able to wear one size larger low-rise jeans.  So after the birth of my son, I knew I would need different nursing bras....seeing that my pregnancy-body was much different this time around.
So off I went to the local maternity store to buy some nursing bras, and this time I wanted some pretty ones!
I asked to be measured, so I could get the perfect fit, and guess what size I was...38EE!!!  You are not hallucinating, that was the size of my post-pregnancy breasts!  I am usually a 36C...and after my daughter I went down to a 34B!  A 38EE was unimaginable!
I swallowed my pride and asked to try on a 38EE nursing bra.  I was told they would have to special order that size!  WTF???  This was a maternity store, and they needed to special order a bra for me?
I was in luck, Elle McPherson had just come out with a line for her Pea in The Pod collection and it came in a 38EE...
"Would you like to try it on?" I was asked.
"I guess"...(What did Elle McPherson know about being over-weight after a baby anyhow?)
"There is black or hot pink"
("Come again?" "Black or Hot Pink?"  "No Neutral colors?")
"I guess I will try black, as it is more slimming!  How much are they?"
"$128.00 each"
"WTF?" also known as..."Never mind, I will pass."
As I put my way too small nursing bra on....I slowly walked out of the store empty-handed and decided to quit nursing. (I look back now, and I think that was just one of the reasons I didn't nurse my son.  I also was suffering from a small case of postpartum depression...but that is a long story I will not share now!)

If I had been one of those women that lost all their baby-weight immediately after pregnancy, I would probably had one more child.

However....remember that 32 pounds I thought I would lose so quickly?  I still have ten of those pounds which I have held onto for the past four years as a small keepsake...

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Anyone want to chat tonight?

November 11, 2011

So I have been wanting to try  a live chat out on my blog...and after a few false starts...I was able to find one I think I like!(fingers crossed)

So what do you say?  Does anyone want to pour a drink and have a live chat tonight?  If so, I will be on my blog at 9:00 pm tonight (eastern time)!  Come stop by and say hello!

You will find the chat on my blog's sidebar....over there on the right!  Just sign in anyway you would like...and start typing!

*UPDATE...Wow, what a fun Friday night chat.  Thanks to the ladies who joined me.  It was fun getting to know you!  Let's do it again!  

Is Anderson Cooper a HWT follower?

November 9, 2011

WOW!  Two days ago I had a blog post about my favorite "non-celebrity" Courtney Stodden..and the hunt for the truth about her breasts (real vs. fake).  If you missed it....READ THIS NOW!

Well I was reading my favorite online gossip website (Perez Hilton)...and look what I came across....

I think Anderson Cooper has just as unhealthy obsession with Ms Mrs. Stodden as I do!  

I am finally in a serious mommy-relationship!

Recently I have been in a serious mommy-relationship.  We meet each Wednesday for coffee, where we discuss everything from our children, our eating habits, current jobs, and anything else that we feel like talking about.  Nothing is off-limits, and there seems to be no judgements passed!  This is also one of the longest mommy-relationships I have been in...probably because we have finally been in the same city for three seasons (a record!).

Please don't judge, but I am also involved with another mommy...we have had a mommy-relationship going on for the past three seasons as well.  I introduced both of these women to each other, and we have been known to have three-way coffee dates and get-togethers.  When we left this last summer for our cottage, those two mommies would get together as well....without me.  I admit, reading their Facebook comments back and fourth to each other made me jealous and wish I were with them both.
Mommy #1, Me, Mommy #2

But I have a great mommy-relationship back home as well...and we sit at the beach all day drinking from our Copco glasses...chatting about anything and everything! (I miss her during the hockey season!)
The best part of being in a  polygamous mommy-relationship is that all of our husbands enjoy one-another's company...and all of our children are close in age and have developed a friendship as well!
Here is a great example of one particular evening...

My husband had a of the other husbands took his son, my son, and the other couple's son to game. The other husband took his daughter, my daughter, and other couple's daughter to a movie. All three wives went to dinner and to an event.

When the hockey game was over....all husbands took all of the children to the same house.  The men drank beer while they watched a hockey game on TV....and the children all played. The wives got to stay out late!

Did I mention how fabulous it feels to be in a long-term mommy-relationship with TWO moms?

I mention this, because last year I wrote a blog-post on mommy-dating.  I wrote this post because I was lonely and whenever we move to a new place, the process of finding a new friend is sometimes quite daunting.  I thought I would repost Mommy-Dating for those of you who have missed it!

Today I had a blind date!

There is a new girl in my daughter's class.  She just moved on Monday, and my daughter was picked to sit next to her and make her feel welcome.  Now, my daughter knows a thing or two about being the "new kid" in school.  She started kindergarten a few weeks after everyone else, and three weeks later, she left that school and started once again at a new school.  I never mentioned that she also started preschool late when I had posted about the Hockey Life vs. School.  I am fortunate that my daughter doesn't know anything different, and she never seems to have a hard time getting right into the mix and making friends.

Anyhow, my daughter came home and was telling me about her new classmate.  I was just packing her backpack for the day, and I decided it was a good idea to pass my name and our number along to the child's mother.  (I seem to know a thing or two about moving to a new place also!)  No more than 2 hours after school let out, I received a call from a lonely friendly mother.  We set up a (play) date for our daughters, our sons (both the same age) and ourselves.  They would all come to our house.

In preparation, I mopped the (tracked-in) salt off the floors, picked up clutter, wiped counters, and lit scented candles.  Yes, my hope was that she would be amazed at the fact I keep such a tidy home!  I never made it to the bedrooms upstairs, so I hoped she would not ask for a tour of our home.  I would somehow have to keep her on the clean main floor.  I picked up the kids from school, rushed home, brushed my teeth and touched up my make-up.  I wanted to look good for our (play) date.
I call this Blind Mommy-Dating!  
Every time we move, I am forced to go out and meet new mommy-friends.  I refer to this as Mommy-Dating.  My husband never has to worry about it, since he is instantly surrounded by new people to become friendly with while at work.  Meanwhile, I am stuck in the lonely world of Mommy-Dating.

She's Just Not That Into You...
My husband and I took our kids to the park last year.  While we were there,  I made friendly chatter with another mother.  We chatted about kid's activities, good restaurants, schools, etc.  After we had left the park, my husband asked if I had asked for her number?  I had to explain to him that as nice as she was, I wasn't interested enough to meet again for another (play) date.  "I just wasn't that into her!"

Online Mommy-Dating...
I decided to join a online mother's group.  I was asked to complete a short bio about who I was, my parenting style, and what I was looking for in this group.  I also had to submit a photo of myself.  Of course I filled out my bio with a bit of humor, hoping my personality would shine!  I searched through my photos for the best picture of me (I wish I had known about this!).  I pressed send, and was told they would contact me once I was "accepted".  Accepted?  I had to be accepted into this mother's group?  Was I funny enough?  Was I pretty enough?  It took two agonizing weeks of self-doubt...

Then, I received my email.  I had been accepted into the group.  They liked me, they really liked me!  I put the kids to bed, and began to read through the email.  There were rules I had to follow...

1.  You will be invited to mommy may accept or decline the invitation.
2.  If you decline, you will need to give a reason for not accepting
3.  If you decline three times in a row, you will no longer be in the group! (I assumed it was to keep the events productive and well-attended.  I had no problem with this...)

So, I started browsing the pictures of the other moms.  You could click on the pictures, and read the submitted bios.  I found myself clicking on the pictures of moms in the most superficial way...I was clicking on the moms who I thought looked like moms that I would like to associate with!!

<click> Sarah likes co-sleeping, does not like chocolate, and her children never watch television.<click> No Thank You!

I received my first invite...Breastfeeding Mothers Morning, nope!  I decline and give my reason."My children can pour their own milk, from a milk container"...<click>

I received my second invite...Baby-Wearing Mom's, nope!  I decline and give my reason. "My children don't even need a stroller anymore, let alone a baby sling!"...<click>

I received my third (and final) invite...Vegetarian, Breastfeeding, Baby-Wearing Mom's who run, nope!  I decline and give my reason. "I can only run 5k at a time!"...<click>

I was kicked out of the online mommy-group!  I no longer Mommy-Date online!

Of course, there are great places to go out and meet other available moms:

  • School Activities:  This is a Mommy-Meat Market!  Watch out for moms with mommy "business" cards...they are too eager, and far too organized.  I like to find moms who write their number on empty candy wrappers they dig out of their purse!
  • Parks:  Usually these are moms who are stir-crazy and just have to get out of the house.  Watch out for the super-playful mom...she is far too into being a supermom.  I prefer the moms who have three or four celebrity gossip magazines for their reading enjoyment!
  • The Gym:  Anyone willing to exercise in exchange for an hour of free daycare is OK by me.  The best is meeting the mom in the sauna...because there really is no rule saying you have to exercise for the full hour!
Now it is your turn.  Where do you go to meet available moms? Do you have a great Mommy-Dating story?  Please leave a comment and share! 

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