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Anyone want to chat tonight?

November 11, 2011

So I have been wanting to try  a live chat out on my blog...and after a few false starts...I was able to find one I think I like!(fingers crossed)

So what do you say?  Does anyone want to pour a drink and have a live chat tonight?  If so, I will be on my blog at 9:00 pm tonight (eastern time)!  Come stop by and say hello!

You will find the chat on my blog's sidebar....over there on the right!  Just sign in anyway you would like...and start typing!

*UPDATE...Wow, what a fun Friday night chat.  Thanks to the ladies who joined me.  It was fun getting to know you!  Let's do it again!  


TeenainToronto said...

I'm so not a chatter.  Ha!  How did it go?

Hockey Wife Tales said...

There were four of us, and we had a great conversation (chat?) for over three hours. It is always amazing how much people have in common in life...even if they have never met!

Justanothermomoftwins said...

Darn!  I can't believe i missed this...are you going to another one soon? :)

Hockey Wife Tales said...

We will probably do it again next Friday night....But I think you can tell when I am online if you are ever on my blog...feel free to drop a line!