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Tis the Season to Spray Pepper Spray...

November 27, 2011

Please forgive my absence, but I have not been feeling too great.  Seeing that I usually get sick when:
  • My husband is on a road trip
  • Our schedule for the week is packed with activities.
Thankfully Canada celebrates Thanksgiving in I didn't have to worry about cooking a huge meal for anyone.  I did celebrate a bit by wearing my pajamas for most of the day.  I tried watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade...but that made me feel like a big sloth.   It does not feel appropriate to watch a parade in your pajamas on a regular Thursday morning...while everyone outside your door is either working or being productive.  So I sat in my pajamas and watched an episode of The Real housewives of Beverly Hills.  Much more acceptable!  

Because Canada celebrated Thanksgiving last month...there is not too much ado about Black Friday.  Not too many people standing in lines at 3:00 am when they are expected at work at 8:00 am! 

So let's talk about Black Friday.  Do you participate in this frenzy each year? Today I want to talk about my thoughts on this ridiculous annual event.  


I certainly can tell you my mom never shopped on Black Friday.  She was a single mother, and we were lucky to have the gifts we did on Christmas morning.  Santa always filled our stockings with shampoo and conditioner, bubble bath, razors, toothbrushes and toothpaste, hairspray and hair clips.  These were basic necessities that my mother would have had to purchase anyway...but they were gifted to us as Christmas presents.  We would receive clothes we needed, hats and gloves we needed, and a few toys we wanted.  Never once do I look back on my childhood and feel like I was unloved or under-gifted. 

Since when did Santa put everything you asked for under the tree? These mothers are feeding the "I want" monster...and giving it dessert as well! 

If you are one of those people who slept out, waited with a huge group of people in a parking lot, or pushed through a door and acted all crazy on Black Friday...then I expect you to have more compassion for those willing to do the same in your local downtown park.  Whether you share the same beliefs or both have experienced the hardship of finding a restroom to use in such a big crowd! 

As consumers, we are paying enough of a mark-up...that they can mark items way down and still make a profit?  How can you not buy a new 46" flatscreen TV to replace your small 38" flatscreen TV you bought last year on Black is 20% off! Buy 2 shirts, get the 3rd for 50% may only need one shirt, but if you spend $32.00 more, you will get two shirts you don't need.  What is better than one Buzz Light Year toy that is 45% off? of them!


If you live in Arkansas and get a waffle-maker from your Cousin only cost her $2.00.  But she went to war and back to get it for you!

On a side note, to the woman in the blue should forget about the waffle-makers and head over to aisle six...the belts are on sale too! 


Unemployment is at a record high.  Gas prices are at a record high. Home foreclosures are at a record high.  Credit card debt is at a record high....yet according to this article, this year's Black Friday sales broke a record and are up 7% from last year.  I cannot help wonder about the 11.4 billion dollars this article says was spent on Black Friday.  How much of that 11.4 billion was put on credit be worried about after the holidays are over.  

Since I choose to stay at home with my children, we are a family that relies on one paycheck to pay our bills.  We are fortunate that my husband is able to make a good living in Hockey.  But living in Canada (high-cost-of-living)...we are feeling a crunch this Holiday many of you.  Why do people feel the need to go into debt to give presents that are not needed?  

My children do not need any more toys.  They both have iPods, they both have more clothes than they can wear in a month, their coats and snow pants from last year still fit, they have gloves and hats to keep them warm, and the wii has an inch of dust on it.  What my kids do need is the thrill of staying up too late with their cousins on Christmas eve, too much egg nog, homemade sugar cookies and sticky candy canes, and a small present under the tree to keep the magic of Santa alive for another year

So forgive me if I sound like a Scrooge....but the last time I checked, Christmas was a time to spread peace and joy...not spread pepper spray!

(even that is discounted this Holiday Season! )


Anonymous said...

I agree...since when did Christmas become about gifts anyways!!! GTrowing up we were like you, we got what was needed and a toy or two and we were HAPPY!! I believe that we should enjoy family and friends and the gifts are just the cherry on top:) Way to go you nailed it on the head!!

Jaime said...

SO true...... and I agree 100% ... Christmas is about family and love and time spent together.... It should NOT be about presents.

Brittany Laccetti said...

I know, Black Friday is NUTS! I hate on a normal day when I am standing in an aisle looking at my options and someone comes up right next to me and starts to invade my space. I already know what I am getting my husband and to me, my time is more valuable then saving a few extra bucks. Consumerism America has gone insane!

kycorn said...

Occupy Walmart. HILLARIOUS!
Thanks for the $2 waffle maker video.

Sarah Lake said...

I'm terrified just reading your blog post! I went to Old Navy because they had $5 shirts for kids, and I bought four (two for my niece and nephew) and people were intense...and I was there at 10am! Holy smokes. 

Just stopping by from For the Love of Blogs' Weekend Wander! Happy Thanksgiving, the time where we should be reminiscing about what we're grateful for and NOT all we bought. <3

-Sarah from [life of love]

Val Browning said...

Amen, sister...

Nicole said...

Saturday I went to bed bath and beyond for one gift. I thought I was going to be killed. People were running around like crazy being rude, kids were running around like loons, and in general people were uptight and unfriendly. Like I told my husband last night... at some point everyone lost their focus on the true meaning. I would hate to think someone gave me a gift they had to fight for, and if you tell me you did I am going to give it back to you. I don't want your "bloody gift". It's sad, and really depressing. Why they heck would you pepper spray someone over anything unless they were going to harm you? If I had been there when that had happened and I could still see enough to get to the lady who did it she would have had far more to worry about than a gift because she would have been feeling a lot of pain. A couple of hours from me in Houston some lady was trying to hit another customer over something, but instead hit her baby! Once again if you hit my kid that gift would be the least of your problems. It's just disgusting! said...

I can't help but wonder if the extra money spent isn't just because everything is so expensive. It's like the movies that gross moe every year. It's just because they raise the price of the tickets every five minutes.

erinraemac said...

This is all so true. I haven't taken part in Black Friday for 3 years now, due to my husband playing in Europe, and I sort of miss it. I don't miss the crowds, the discounts, or the crazies. I actually miss waking up super early with my mom and grandma to head to the mall to browse, people watch, and have a late (but still very early) breakfast together. I'm lucky this holiday season I get to spend it with my mom, brother-in-law, and great friends because they're spending their money on a trip to Italy to see us rather than the flat screen and waffle makers!

Justanothermomoftwins said...

I would say that this is very well put.  Too many people spend more than they can afford and Christmas is about all things wonderful!  That being said, there is nothing wrong with a "good deal" but this is coming from someone who NEVER buys anything full price and has a gift closet the size of the average Calgarian's backyard...head hung in shame! :)