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Ask me a question...& I will tell you a tale!

November 2, 2011

Do you have a question for me?  

Go ahead....ask!  Send me a comment and/or tweet! 

All questions will be compiled and answered in my next post!   I might even add a few pictures....HWT style of course! 



Jenna said...

How was the transition from player wife to coaches wife? How did that alter your relationship with the other girls? How do you keep your relationships professional as the coaches wife but still friendly towards the other wives? Always wondered about this!

Wickedbella said...

I love your blog!

When my husband and i met, it was during the nhl lock out. So we had a great romance, went out all the time, talked to each other, real quality time. I fell in love!

The next year hockey was on again and he was stuck on the couch watching hockey every night.

He is not a player, he is a fan!

I know it must be way harder to have your husband away all the time for work....but to me its almost better than losing him to the television. Plus the paycheck athletes get doesnt hurt....;)

Do you have any advice for me? I cant peel him away from hockey. It kinda sucks big time. We have a 2 year old and hockey takes away time from her too. I guess i should just "suck it up" too! Lol

At least i have found your blog to read during games! Thanks

sally brown said...

Loved your answer to the question asked here. I learned a lot about the dynamics of the group. Interesting. I think the coach and trainers wives sound more my speed! And as alway your captions and bubbles were hilarious. 

My question has 2 parts. First how did you get into fitness instruction? I know that was not your original career. Is it something you fell into or a direction that you wanted to go. Where do you want to go with it or is it something you want to pursue further? Sounds like you really enjoy it.The second part is, is there any pressure in the business (hockey business) to look a certain way as a coaches wife? I always see really young, thin, fit wives and girlfriends of players (ok mainly thin). Is that something that you think about or do you just say "This is me. This is what you get." I always wonder if the players buy into that as well and you have to be a certain kind of girl for them to go out with you. No I am not asking you how to get a date with a player! I's more like is it a known thing that you only date certain kinds of girls. I guess I am asking what the perception is in the organization about that. 

I don't know if this is making sense. Just trying to understand the hockey culture surrounding spouses, significant others and appearance. I know hockey wives are ladies just like the rest of us and there are some stereotypes. But I didn't know if you felt any pressure on you to look a certain way as a Coaches' wife. You're just gals like the rest of us but you are often scrutinized (unfairly mind you) as you become public figures as well.

Hope that made a lick of sense!