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November 16, 2011

Last week I hosted my first chat on my blog.  A few ladies joined me and before you knew it, three hours had passed.  We chatted about a little bit of everything.  Isn't it funny how people who have never met can have so much in common? I am anxious to meet a few more of you.  Whether you have a specific question for me, or just want to get in on the conversation...who knows where it may lead.

Join me on Thursday November 17 at 8:00 pm (EST)....

Come to Tales of a Hockey Wife and locate the chat box on my sidebar.  Sign in however you would like...and start chatting.  Please introduce yourself so we all know how to address you for specific questions and comments (to make things easier).  

To get things started, I have thought of a random question to start the discussion.



april said...

Woohoo!  Can't wait.  I have an unopened bottle of wine just waiting to be popped:)

Jaime said...

oh damn... I have my midterm tomorrow night... :(

have a glass of wine for me!

TexaGermaNadian said...

I can't join in, it would be too late here :( But, let's see, my biggest pet peeve has got to be when I am in a line somewhere (fast food, coffee, whatever) and the people in front of me can't decide what to order. Seriously, how do you not know!? This isn't a 5 star restaurant this is Mickey D's! Grrrr. Indecision in general bothers me. Probably one of the few things that gets to me, lol