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Do you know the muffin-top man?

October 31, 2011

I always say "the best part of the muffin is the muffin-top"...but recently I have had to come to the conclusion that muffin-tops are really not that great!

To be honest, I cannot say I have a true muffin-top, but I am definitely carrying a few more "crumbs" than I use to!  I find myself in my mid-thirties with two children.  My body has changed, and it is not what it used to be...not that I appreciated it back then anyway!  If I could go back in time to when I was nineteen and was worried my arms were too fat or my thighs too thick....I would slap that girl and tell her to appreciate how thin she really is!

Last Sunday, I started The 17 Day Diet.  

I am doing it with two friends, and in the first week, one has lost seven pounds and the other has lost five pounds!  I didn't weigh myself at the beginning, so I am just waiting to fit into some items of clothing I have hidden in the back of my closet!

Don't be fooled, I am not just doing this for 17 days..but 4 groupings of 17 days, which equals 68 days in total.  At the end of the 68 days, I should be fueling my body by reaching for an apple instead of a handful of chips, sipping green tea instead of Diet Coke, and crunching on carrots instead of cookies.

I should also weigh 10-15 pounds less than when I started.  I will try to keep you updated on my 17 68 Day Diet.

Since I am trying to eat a little better, I have decided to try and take care of the skin on my face a little bit better as well.  I have always been fortunate to look younger than my age.  My grandmother had beautiful skin, with hardly a wrinkle at the age of 80...and my mother has beautiful skin as well.  Ever since I can remember, my mother has dutifully washed her face morning and night, used Witch Hazel as a toner, and has moisturized.  She uses eye creams, anti-wrinkle creams, and sunscreens.

My poor face is lucky I wash it in the morning...I am definitely realizing I cannot get away with relying on genetics alone.  I have decided I need to start a skincare regimen before it is too late.  Does anyone have any suggestions?

 Please let me know what you use to clean, tone and moisturize your face!

While my husband is away for the next two weeks, I am going to force myself to take a little bit better care of and skin-wise.  I am also on a mission to go on a money diet while he is away.

I am sure most of you with children experience the "I-Want-Its" and the "Can-I-Have-Its" problem.

Recently, my children have become greedy children who ask for everything they see.

"Can I have gum?"  "Can I have that cereal?"  "I want that Barbie. "  "I want that shirt."

Lately, I have noticed that they have no regard for money.  My daughter has managed to save up $40.00 for a dress form.  Every time she asks me to buy her something I ask if she would like to use her $40.00 to purchase it.  She quickly says "no".  Clearly it is ok to waste mom and dad's money...not her own.  It is time to teach them a lesson on "wants" vs. "needs".    
I have told both my children we will not be spending any unnecessary money while their father is out of town.  In fact, we are making it a challenge and a game.  Both kids were excited when I said we had not spent any money on Saturday or Sunday.

I must confess, I am just as bad with a little purchase online here, and a little purchase there....

But from here until November 13...unless it is gas for the car, needed groceries, and other necessities...I am cinching my wallet!

So for the next two weeks....I will keep you updated on my eating, cleansing and spending.


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Your Loving Sister said...

Have your doctor write you a prescrition for Retin-A and use it faithfully every night after washing with a mild cleanser (I use Aubry Organics).  Don't forget to use sunblock everyday  (I LOVE Neutrogena Shield and Repair).   

April said...

My friend has started the 17 Day Diet and in the first 17 Days she lost 11lbs.  I'm thinking about doing it, too, I just need to get to the store to buy the book.

I'm the same with my face.  Sad to say, I only use a damp washcloth to wash my face and then a moisturizer.  I always get carded (makes me feel good) and Scott usually doesn't (makes him feel bad).  ha!

April said...

I posted once but I don't think it accepted it.

Anyway, my friend lost 11lbs in the first 17 Day cycle.  I'm thinking of doing it, too, but I have to buy the book and then buy all of the stuff at the grocery store.

Romina Garcia said...

I personally hate living in a world of double standards! Muffin tops should be celebrated, just as the choc chip one are ;-)

TeenainToronto said...

Good luck with "The 17 Day Diet" ... I'll have to check it out.  I've been eating out waaaaaaaay too much lately.

Nik Smith said...

Eminence Organic skin care line changed my life- I swear! Its amazing! And you can actually feel good about what your putting into your body! Game changer!

Crash said...

it's pricey, but the Elizabeth Grant line is amazing!  You only need very little of the product so the jars last a long time.  My mother and her best friend have used it for years, and neither look near their actual ages!