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the one about being pulled over.....

October 28, 2011

 When I first started dating my husband (whom I will refer to as my boyfriend in this post), I always looked forward to home games!  Game nights were always a reason to get dressed up and go out for a great evening.

If you have been reading my blog for some time, you will know that my thoughts about going to a game have changed drastically (here is an example of that!)

But let's flashback to the first year I was dating my husband, I was twenty-one, fifteen pounds skinnier, and not a care in the world...nothing could go wrong in my mind!
On this particular night, I was going to meet my boyfriend at a bar after his game.  I must have been working that night, so I didn't go to his game.  Then again, even if I did go to his game, I usually would get there during the third period...three periods is far too long for me!  

While waiting for my boyfriend, I had two drinks.  I made sure to stop drinking since I knew I would need to drive home that night.  I never have a problem switching to water while everyone else is drinking! 

When my boyfriend showed up, he brought along another player from the opposing team (they played together at some point)....this player brought along his "girlfriend" (not to be confused with his wife)...and she brought along her friend (I assume it was to set her up with my boyfriend, and boy were they both surprised to find out that I was now in the picture!)...Both of these girls were flight attendants from out of town.  I can remember that they were flight attendants, because one girl had a whole bunch of mini's in her purse...CLASSY! 

When the bar closed, my boyfriend suggested I come stay at his house for the night.  He lived downtown, and the drive was maybe three blocks away.  I knew I was completely fine to drive to his condo, and so I told him I would see him there.  However, I always have a nagging feeling when I do drive after a night out...even if it has been hours since my last drink.  

So I get in my car, and head over to his high-rise.  Just as I turn into the underground parking and take the ticket, I realize that I need some "lady supplies".  Since I had already entered the parking garage, I went around to the exit located on another street and decided to hit the local 7-11.  

I never could remember if the 7-11 was on one street or another, and so I was trying to figure it out in my brain when I noticed a cop behind me.  "CRAP!"....I don't care if I am just coming from singing hymnals in church, there is nothing worse than a cop driving behind you!  

I was trying to tell myself that I have done nothing wrong...and I am driving just fine, when I notice the police station on the left....

Ahhhh, silly me!  This is why there is a cop behind me...he is heading back to the station.  I need to take a left turn since the 7-11 is down the street from the police station.  I assume this will be the last of Mr. Policeman!  Well wouldn't you know the police officer drives past the station and is still behind me.


I make the right turn into the 7-11 and the cop pulls in also.  He pulls right behind my car and flashes his lights......


Now this is a twenty-four hour 7-11 in the downtown area....I don't have to explain to you that this place is hopping with many people.  Mostly people who have been out on the town, grabbing their munchies after a few too many beers...THESE are the people who should be worried about a police officer!    

I could see the officer get out of his car and come toward my window.  I literally rolled my window down  (because that is how you did it back then) and was quite afraid I would be arrested for a DUI (even though I was not drunk)!  

The officer looked at me and asked...

"Ma'am...Can I ask you why you entered the complex back there on Custer and then exited from the building on Third Street?"

My brain was dizzy....what did he just ask me?  Then I finally understood what he was saying...

...This is why he followed me?  He must have seen me enter and then exit and assume I was trying to avoid him! I looked suspicious to him!  Suddenly I was smiling at him and I told him exactly why...

"Officer, my boyfriend lives in those condos, and I was going over there to spend the night! As I pulled into the complex I realized that I needed tampons since I am currently on my period.  I had already taken a ticket and couldn't back out, I had to leave through the exit on Third Street so I could buy my tampons here at 7-11"

Of course there was now a small crowd gathering, watching this all happen.  I can tell you the male officer cringed a little when I used the word period and tampon. The look on his face was priceless as he apologized.  What is it with men and menstruation?  Remember this?

I then pushed my way through the crowd, and entered the store.  I found the box of 5 tampax for $7.00 (highway robbery if you ask me).  As I went to pay for them, I raised them up for the officer and everyone outside to see.  

When I finally made it to my boyfriend's condo, he was a bit worried.  I had to explain to him that I had been pulled over for buying tampons! 


DP said...

You always make me giggle and I love your references to the past - they take me right there. I would never have thought about rolling down the window if you hadn't added that comment.

Stephanie Mullins said...

HAHAHA! What a story. I always panic when a cop is behind me, like a total mini panic attack.

Nicole said...

OMG You crack me up! You seriously need to move to Houston! I would love to get to know you better!! lol too funny!! 

April said...

Funny!  I'm sure he was mortified.  On a side note, I was IN COLLEGE before I would buy tampons.  I was so mortified. Ha!