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A featured blog and a link up too!

July 24, 2011

I got an email the other day, informing me that I was selected as Featured Blogger of the Week for the We Are Canadian Blog Hop, a hop I try to participate in each Monday!  I have never done a link-up on my site, and I am excited to discover some new blogs!  I apologize to some of my U.S. readers, as this blog hop is for Canadians (or those living in Canada) only.
But don't let this stop you from visiting some of the linked blogs and discover a few new reads fact, leave them a comment when you are there, and they too might discover your fabulous blog.
If you are still confused as to whether you qualify to link your blog up, I have put together a small quiz.  Depending on your will discover if you are Canadian enough to link your blog.  Let's start!

1.  When you are in the grocery store, and you order at the deli you order:
a) 1/4 pound of shaved ham
   b) 100 grams of smoked meat

2.  You are out and have a full bladder.  You search for the nearest...
a) Restroom
 b) Washroom

3.  Does your milk come in a...
    a) carton 
b) bag

4.  What letter is this "Z"?
a) the letter Z pronounced (zēē)
b) the letter Z pronounced (zěd)

5.  What is written below in the colour red?
 a) zip code
     b) postal code 

6. Is there a misspelling in number 5's question?
a) yes
b) no

** Bonus Questions

What is a Double-Double?
What is a Two-Four?
Do Smarties candies melt?

If you mainly answered the a's....I am sorry you are not Canadian enough to link up.  But feel free to click on the blogs and find out that a double-double is two creams and two sugars in a Timmy Horton's coffee.  A Two-Four is a term for a case (24) of beer, and Smarties DO melt.  They are a candy-coated chocolate disc (like m&m's)...they are not the tart powdered discs, as those are referred to as Rockets.

Are you still here?  Did you answer mainly b's?  Congratulations you are Canadian!  Now scroll down and link up!   I would love to hear from you, and have an opportunity to discover your blog!  Feel free to browse through my blog as I navigate through a life that is dictated by my husband's career in hockey....and discover that sometimes I like to dictate my own life as well!

Welcome to the weekly "We are Canadian Blog Hop!!" Your co-hosts for this fun weekly Monday Hop are:
Tales of a Ranting Ginger
Each week we pull on blog from the previous week's hop, to be the Featured Blogger of the Week.  We use, and will email the winner that they won as soon as we can.

This Week's Featured Blogger is:

Tales of a Hockey Wife
Please feel free to grab the button, and spread the word to all your fellow Canadians!

1. Canadians Only! (Sorry Americans, we wanted to give the Canadians some love for this one.)
2. Follow the Co-hosts, and leave a comment so we will follow you back!
3. Follow the Featured Blogger, and leave a comment so they can follow you back!


Julia Warrender said...

Yup, I'm def. Canadian! Glad to have found you through the link up.

Momvstheboys said...

ha cute test! Def Cdn!

Mommy loves her little Landon said...

New follower and loving the lead up in the post lol :)

TriGirl said...

Can I join if I'm Canadian but living in the US?

talkingmomcents said...

Hey! Following you from the WE ARE CANADIAN Blog Hop! Congrats on being the featured blog of the week! :)

Hockey Wife Tales said...

I say yes!!

multitestingmommy said...

I love your post today - awesome!
New follower here :)  Are you on Twitter too?  @MultiTestingMom 

Louis Berniquez said...

Your newest follower from the Blog Hops!

Derek Dowdall said...

Hi! Congrats on being the featured blog this week! I am a new follower.

Gingermommy said...

Yes we have a few that are Canucks living in the US :)

Gingermommy said...

Love the post :) Happy to have you featured. Hope you get some new followers too

Ginger Bowes said...

LOL eh!!!  That was a GREAT question I am Canadian!
Happy to have "hopped" over to check ya out!


Hockey Wife Tales said...

I am on twitter, @hockeywifetales I rarely tweet, but usually will when I have a new post.


stylishsolutions said...

Your newest follower from the hop - love the test :)

Sheri Richard said...

Nice to meet you!  :-)


Ross said...

Another great post! As a Canadian I can truly say that a double double is a very important part of each day. It also happens to be the franchise to own!

Hockey Wife Tales said...

Do you own one?

TriGirl said...

Ah bummer, just saw the response now.  I will know for next time...Hockey Wife I gotta figure out why I'm not getting notifications of comments to your site!

Jaime S said...

LOVE the questions to determine if you're a Canadian.. another you could add if if you know the correct way to pronounce Michael Buble.. he's the featured artist in my Thursday Tunes!

Jaime S said...

oh... my link for Thursday Tunes is from It's So FUZZY!

Tasha W said...

New follower on twitter, I couldn't find a GFC button on your blog to subscribe that way, so I just followed on GFC manually through my blog. Hope you will follow me back at