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Checking out...

January 23, 2011

Last night I checked out.

I had finally had enough of catering to others...and just had to get away and be alone.  My husband could see the signs (failure to complete sentences, drooping eyes complemented by dark circles, and a large alcoholic drink in hand!)  **Warning, if you too find your self exhibiting these symptoms after a very long stretch of must check out immediately!

I had prepared dinner as usual, even doing the dishes by hand! (We were out of dishwashing detergent. However, my husband was kind enough to leave the empty box on the counter to "remind me" we needed a new box!)  Sorry babe, but you cannot deny that one (wink).  Earlier, my husband had gifted me with a LUSH Bath Bomb from his boy's road trip (hence the forgiveness of the dishwashing detergent debacle)!  With my bath-bomb in hand, I told my husband I was checking out taking a bath...that was all I had to say, he understood.
Lush BathBomb = Pure relaxation
I went upstairs, and into my bathroom sanctuary and began to fill up the tub with water.  I also had my computer propped up on a towel upon the bathroom sink...I had some Real Housewifves of Beverly Hills (RHOBH) to catch up on.  As I entered the hot water, and dropped my lavender scented bath-bomb into the water, I was at fizzy peace.  I didn't care when or how the kids went to long as I wasn't doing it.  I didn't care about anything...I HAD CHECKED OUT!!

I sat in the tub, breathing in the lavender scent for three hours...or 4 RHOBH episodes.  Slowly I would add more hot water.  After the first hour, I had to keep my feet above the water, as they had become quite pruned. After the second hour, my husband checked in on me, but knew better than to ask when I would be out. (Thank you!).  After three hours, and with 15 minutes left in the finale, my computer's battery died!  UGH...

I climbed into bed so relaxed and ready to face my days and weeks ahead (when my husband travels yet again)!  It was time to check back into my reality as a Hockey Wife!

P.S.   Speaking of you watch the Real Housewives series?  What are your thoughts on the Beverly Hills ladies?  


Heather (The Menu Mama) said...

Mmmmm, I love my long relaxing baths. I never thought to watch movies in there, I might have to swipe the hubby's laptop!

Hockey Wife said...

Glad you finally caught up on BH! I hope you watched the last 15 minutes though, because it was EXPLOSIVE! Kyle and Kim had it out and both dropped a few bombs!

The Hockey Wife said...

Watched it this morning!! It was good!! Cannot wait until the finale!!!