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January 27, 2011

Today I had a blind date!

There is a new girl in my daughter's class.  She just moved on Monday, and my daughter was picked to sit next to her and make her feel welcome.  Now, my daughter knows a thing or two about being the "new kid" in school.  She started kindergarten a few weeks after everyone else, and three weeks later, she left that school and started once again at a new school.  I never mentioned that she also started preschool late when I had posted about the Hockey Life vs. School.  I am fortunate that my daughter doesn't know anything different, and she never seems to have a hard time getting right into the mix and making friends.

Anyhow, my daughter came home and was telling me about her new classmate.  I was just packing her backpack for the day, and I decided it was a good idea to pass my name and our number along to the child's mother.  (I seem to know a thing or two about moving to a new place also!)  No more than 2 hours after school let out, I received a call from a lonely friendly mother.  We set up a (play) date for our daughters, our sons (both the same age) and ourselves.  They would all come to our house.

In preparation, I mopped the (tracked-in) salt off the floors, picked up clutter, wiped counters, and lit scented candles.  Yes, my hope was that she would be amazed at the fact I keep such a tidy home!  I never made it to the bedrooms upstairs, so I hoped she would not ask for a tour of our home.  I would somehow have to keep her on the clean main floor.  I picked up the kids from school, rushed home, brushed my teeth and touched up my make-up.  I wanted to look good for our (play) date.
I call this Blind Mommy-Dating!  
Every time we move, I am forced to go out and meet new mommy-friends.  I refer to this as Mommy-Dating.  My husband never has to worry about it, since he is instantly surrounded by new people to become friendly with while at work.  Meanwhile, I am stuck in the lonely world of Mommy-Dating.

She's Just Not That Into You...
My husband and I took our kids to the park last year.  While we were there,  I made friendly chatter with another mother.  We chatted about kid's activities, good restaurants, schools, etc.  After we had left the park, my husband asked if I had asked for her number?  I had to explain to him that as nice as she was, I wasn't interested enough to meet again for another (play) date.  "I just wasn't that into her!"

Online Mommy-Dating...
I decided to join a online mother's group.  I was asked to complete a short bio about who I was, my parenting style, and what I was looking for in this group.  I also had to submit a photo of myself.  Of course I filled out my bio with a bit of humor, hoping my personality would shine!  I searched through my photos for the best picture of me (I wish I had known about this!).  I pressed send, and was told they would contact me once I was "accepted".  Accepted?  I had to be accepted into this mother's group?  Was I funny enough?  Was I pretty enough?  It took two agonizing weeks of self-doubt...

Then, I received my email.  I had been accepted into the group.  They liked me, they really liked me!  I put the kids to bed, and began to read through the email.  There were rules I had to follow...

1.  You will be invited to mommy may accept or decline the invitation.
2.  If you decline, you will need to give a reason for not accepting
3.  If you decline three times in a row, you will no longer be in the group! (I assumed it was to keep the events productive and well-attended.  I had no problem with this...)

So, I started browsing the pictures of the other moms.  You could click on the pictures, and read the submitted bios.  I found myself clicking on the pictures of moms in the most superficial way...I was clicking on the moms who I thought looked like moms that I would like to associate with!!

<click> Sarah likes co-sleeping, does not like chocolate, and her children never watch television.<click> No Thank You!

I received my first invite...Breastfeeding Mothers Morning, nope!  I decline and give my reason."My children can pour their own milk, from a milk container"...<click>

I received my second invite...Baby-Wearing Mom's, nope!  I decline and give my reason. "My children don't even need a stroller anymore, let alone a baby sling!"...<click>

I received my third (and final) invite...Vegetarian, Breastfeeding, Baby-Wearing Mom's who run, nope!  I decline and give my reason. "I can only run 5k at a time!"...<click>

I was kicked out of the online mommy-group!  I no longer Mommy-Date online!

Of course, there are great places to go out and meet other available moms:

  • School Activities:  This is a Mommy-Meat Market!  Watch out for moms with mommy "business" cards...they are too eager, and far too organized.  I like to find moms who write their number on empty candy wrappers they dig out of their purse!
  • Parks:  Usually these are moms who are stir-crazy and just have to get out of the house.  Watch out for the super-playful mom...she is far too into being a supermom.  I prefer the moms who have three or four celebrity gossip magazines for their reading enjoyment!
  • The Gym:  Anyone willing to exercise in exchange for an hour of free daycare is OK by me.  The best is meeting the mom in the sauna...because there really is no rule saying you have to exercise for the full hour!
Now it is your turn.  Where do you go to meet available moms? Do you have a great Mommy-Dating story?  Please leave a comment and share!  I will post the best story! 


CMD said...

haha- I'm not a mom (yet :)) but this post was too funny! Prior to moving over here I was a nanny for 3 years, so I am all too familiar with the different "mom" categories. "Anyone willing to exercise in exchange for an hour of free daycare is OK by me"- hahaha! too funny.

Are there other coaches' and players' wives from your team friendly? Do they have children? They might be good ones to link up with since they're most likely new to the area also (and probably lonely when the team is on trips, also!) No one understands things like a fellow hockey wife! :)

TexaGermaNadian said...

I know I don't mommmy date, but I still feel like I am going on 'blind dates' when I meet new girls on the team. You have a great way of putting that! :)

Heather (The Menu Mama) said...

This post cracks me up! I keep trying to think if I have any funny related stories, but I can't come up with any, although there have been many awkward moments for sure!

Hockey Wife said...

I'm not against meeting mommy friends but I don't seek them out. Most of my friends at home have little nuggets so it works out pretty well. I did meet a mom at the toddler park near our house last summer. Then she hit on my husband. So ... we're not going to do any more mommy-dating, her and me.

Heather (The Menu Mama) said...

This post cracks me up! I keep trying to think if I have any funny related stories, but I can't come up with any, although there have been many awkward moments for sure!