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When life hands you lemons...

January 16, 2011

When life hands you lemons snow....make a cool tube hill off your deck stairs!!

I just wanted to show you my creation.  I have spent a majority of the last two weeks shoveling snow.  Not only do I have the snow on the ground, but I also have to shovel ALL the snow off the ice rink.  I have slowly piled this snow up off our deck stairs, and today I went out in the sunshine (and -5c weather) and carved out a tube hill for my little devils darlings!!

We They are about to gear up and go out and enjoy this glorious sunshine!!  (Also known as bundling up my kids and sending them outside while I relax in the warm house with a coffee and a crossword puzzle)

A quick peek of our backyard rink!  (I will be dedicating a post soon about this rink)


Hockey Wife said...

We like to build furniture in the snow banks that end up along the side of our driveway. Couches, chairs ... I've been doing it since I was a kid! And that rink is awesome - I've not seen a home rink that size! Your kids must love it.

The Hockey Wife said...

Thanks...I cannot take credit for the rink itself...but all the shoveling and upkeep has been me. I spend many cold nights with a garden hose...adding layers of ice.

Ross said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one that's been shoveling non-stop! I feel like my shovel has become a perminent ficture to my hand. I really like the slide you made off the deck. I'm glad I found your blog through FTLOB. I'll check back!

The Hockey Wife said...

Thanks Ross!! I saw your blog featured on FTLOB! Sometimes, when I complain about the little things, I force myself to look at the big picture. You have a great attitude...and I appreciate your great optimism.

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