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It's About Time!

January 20, 2011

My husband has finally returned home.  He had left on one road trip, and while he was gone, I left with the kids to spend Christmas with my family. (Yes, we spent Christmas apart...thank God for skype!)  Upon our return, he had already left for another trip.  Therefore, we have not seen him in over a month.

Today was the day he returned home...FINALLY!  Not that I have been counting down the days or anything....but it was 39 days, 4 major snow storms, one carbon-monoxicide leak, a few frozen pipes, one large ice rink (maintained), and 6 bottles of wine!  But I don't want to be petty.

We were very busy last night getting ready to welcome him back!
What a mess!!
The kids were so excited to pull out the glue, scissors, and colored paper!
Working on the posters for their father
We normally don't make "welcome home posters" for my husband, as traveling is part of his job, and the kids are used to it.  But after a month of 24/7 parenting...I felt it was important for the kids to take an hour and work on this project!

Mom's project!
I felt it was important for myself to take an hour to work on a few things also!!  

Once my husband was home, we were all excited to go out and have a family skate on our rink.  The kids wanted to show off all they had learned while he was gone, while I wanted him to see all the snow I had shoveled...and the great condition of the ice, which I had maintained all by myself!

Dad and son!
Family Skates...can you figure out where my daughter is?
Yep, she is the one in ALL PINK!
After skating, the kids pretty much attached themselves to their father for the rest of the day.  I am not complaining, as I am appreciating the help around the house.  My kids have never been ones to cry for their father when he was it was just so normal for him to leave.  However, I am finding this year has been a little different, and my son will cry out for him when he is tired, or ornery.

As I was placing 'masks' on the picture made me think about this one below.  It was taken the day after my son was born.  As much as I make fun of my husband's idiosyncrasies...he is a great father and a good husband.  The life of hockey is tough, but when you have a good makes it a little bit easier.

So my husband is home (for three days) and we are back to a family of four!  

**WARNING...T.M.I (Too Much Information)**

Tonight I had to teach my usual fitness I was leaving, my husband joked..."Save some energy for me!"
I think that is a whole other post...until then, I will leave you with my latest read...
(I am not really reading this book, but I saw it online the other day, and it made me laugh!)


Anonymous said...

Did your children use gorilla glue and glitter on their posters?

The Hockey Wife said...

No, my husband would have needed to be home for that to happen!

Hockey Wife said...

I have TOTALLY seen this book at Borders or Barnes & Noble. I laughed out loud and showed my husband ... half joking, half (completely) serious.

Laura said...

Yayy!!! So glad he's home :) what a great feeling.. i know how it's been when J has been gone for a couple weeks.. but over a month.. ugh.. and with kids! eeek! I give you lots of props girl! HOpe you enjoy every minute!! and... like he said.. save some energy for him ;)

TexaGermaNadian said...

Well, I am glad that he is back and ya'll can be all together for a bit! What a long time. And the kids' project was cute, and I hope you put a dent in your project as well. After that long month, you really deserve it! :)

Susi said...

LOL, I'd need that book too! :) I love that picture of you and the newborn with hockey masks!!!

Nicole said...

hahaha I've never seen that book... that's flippin awesome!

The Hockey Wife said...

I hope you can tell that is my 6' husband with my daughter and new born son...and not me!!