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May I Take Your Order Please?

January 16, 2011

May I take your order please?

While my husband is traveling, I always try to feed my children healthy, well-balanced dinner.   We always sometimes sit together at the dining room table to eat as a family (minus one)!  Tonight was (not) one of those nights!!  

My children were given the same question my husband probably heard 2,000 miles away.  "May I take your order?"  However, we were not in a restaurant, and I will be the one doing the dishes at the end of the night (a.k.a. next morning).  Tonight, my kids asked if they could make their OWN dinner.  This was music to my ears, as I am realizing my children will soon be at the age when they whine tell me they are hungry...I can point at the kitchen and say "go make something to eat!"  

My daughter has learned to make Eggo waffles...which means she can use a toaster.  I might have to reconsider the ban on PopTarts in our home!!  Meanwhile, my son (yes, he does wear his roller blades in the house) decided he too would make his own dinner..."peanut and jelly sandwich".  (I did have to get the bread, open the jars, get the knife and I might as well have made him dinner)...but I always try to be a parent that allows my children to be self-sufficient (a.k.a. I sat and looked at the Golden Globe red carpet outfits online).

My children promptly took their dinner downstairs to watch TV...something they never get to do when my husband is home.  These are little broken rules that make it a bit easier for them while their dad is eating at restaurants and sleeping in his own hotel room on the road!!!  

I of course immediately started cleaning up the kitchen, or not!  

By the way, what were your thoughts on The Golden Globe fashions?


Hockey Wife said...

We are still at the stage where I make 394857234543 meals per day and Linden takes a bite or two out of each. I've got to break him of this but ... I'll do it tomorrow.

With all the rumors swirling around, I thought it was ironic that Sandra and Scarlett wore very similar dressed. Loved Angelina's dress - that's a good color for her.

The Hockey Wife said...

I laughed when I saw Sandra's bangs, as I just had bangs cut like that last Sunday. Not just a hockey wife, but a trend-setter :) ! However, I made the mistake of reading some comments on her hair...some people liked it, and then some were none too kind! Now I am paranoid about my hair!!

Every kid is different when it comes to eating. My youngest has to eat immediately after he gets daughter doesn't need to eat until the afternoon...As long as they are healthy...Do what works for you! I always say that I have to much going on in my life to worry about certain things.

The Hockey Wife said...

Had to are "Hockey Wife" and I am "The Hockey Wife".

CMD said...

Love the little one in rollerblades in the kitchen... haha. So cute!