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My husband and I are not friends....

February 25, 2011

Yes, you read that correctly, I am not friends with my husband....on Facebook!
Normally when I mention this, I get a look of shock from people.  How could you not be friends with your husband on Facebook?  I never thought it was a bad thing, but I would say 9 out of 10 people think it is strange!  Maybe once I plead my case to you, you will get a better understanding of why I decided to ignore his "friend request".


Ladies and Gentleman of the Jury...In the next few paragraphs, I will explain to you the reason my husband is not my friend on Facebook.  I am sure once you look at all of the evidence, you will find that your only option will be to find me innocent of the charges brought against me!


My husband is almost fifteen years older than I am...he was being drafted into the NHL the year an ATARI was placed under my Christmas tree when I was six! 
To say my husband is not the most computer-savvy person would be an under-statement.  He has definitely come a long way since he first logged onto the internet in 1999...and he will be the first to admit he is not up on the latest tech toys.  My husband did not join Facebook until last Spring!  He rarely even looks at his FB page, and so he doesn't even notice we are not friends...I think! 


I still am a little weary about Facebook.  The fact that my husband is quite google-able (not sure if that is a word...yet!) makes me try to be careful of what is said.  I have mentioned before (here) that Hockey is like two-degrees-of-separation!  
I am always shocked when I see girls, who have husbands that work in hockey, saying things about the team or organization on their FB status!  You never know who is friends of friends of friends on Facebook!  Besides, this blog is airing enough of our laundry, and I try hard to keep it anonymous!


I am not going to lie...I have ex-boyfriends on my FB (which my husband is aware of) and I am sure he has some ex-girlfriends on his FB.  This is probably why most people assume we are not friends on FB. But for us that is not a big deal!!  There is no room for jealousy in our marriage.  We chose to marry each other after dating forever over five years...We combined our DNA (twice) and made two pretty fabulous kids together, and I have moved twelve times in fourteen years for him!  I don't need an accept button to prove my love!
I consider some of my ex-boyfriends...just that, friends.  I liked them enough to date them...but then it just didn't seem to work out, so we parted ways.  It doesn't mean that I am not interested in their well-being, current family-life, etc.  I assume my husband feels the same way about some of his ex-girlfriends!     
(Please remind me to tell the funny story of my husband and his ex-girlfriend that lives in the city we are currently in...that is a full post in itself!)


Proof that Facebook is not good for a relationship!


Question..are you friends with your significant other on Facebook?


Laura said...

hahahaha... "you just gonna poke her all day? Uh huh!?" lol that video is hilarious. Yeah.. we're friends on Fb.. but I suppose if we weren't it wouldn't really make a big difference.. It's my way of communicating with friends from home (mainly) and he gets on every once and a while to see what his friends are up to. :) But you do build a very strong case.. i'm looking forward to hearing this "ex girlfriend" story... Juicy!


Susanne said...

I don´t have my boyfriend in the list of friends on Facebook too. I can get angry easily and I would remove him after first little arguing, I guess.

Anyway, I wouldn´t be suprised if Facebook was the reason for the Third World War. I usually hide/remove people that post every single pieces of their lifes, that´s nothing but annoying. But well, I must admit that there are many interesting things to find.

KT @ KT's Refinishing School said...

I think that definitely makes sense, given the exhibits you gave! J and I are friends on FB but we also met in college where it seemed everyone was friending each other on FB. Actually he asked me out on our first date via a Facebook message come to think of it :)

Happy happy Friday!

Marissa O. said...

Yes, I am but I totally understand your reasons! Makes sense to me! :)

I am a new Follower from Friday Blog Hop!

Come check out my site and follow me if you like!

Happy Friday! :)

KY said...

My first line of communication was opened with TJ via Facebook messages, but we're also a bit younger than you and grew up in the generation where our relationship wasn't official until it was "facebook official", hahaha...lame, huh?

Rachel said...

I like your exhibits. They made me laugh! My hubs doesn't have a facebook, doesn't want his info out there or something like that. That doesn't stop him from logging on to mine and stalking around every once in a while. Men.

Have a good weekend!

Tales of a Hockey Wife said...

KY...this one is for you!

Rachel...I don't think I would let my husband log into my FB account....that would drive me nuts. I hate when he looks over my shoulder, and I also always log out so he cannot get into mine....Am I weird?

KT and KY...I think I am too old for FB dating the internet was just becoming user friendly when I met my husband!

Susanne...FB is definitely a little personal sometimes!

Laura...Will post his ex-GF story is so funny!!

Thanks for the comments to everyone!!

amanda said...

Haha I had to laugh at the fact that your husband might not even know you aren't his friend on facebook.

My husband decided that he hated facebook and deleted his account a while back. I kind of like not having him as a friend, though. Whenever he does something silly or that pisses me off, I can broadcast it to my facebook buddies without having to worry if he will get upset or not.:)

I completely understand all of your reasons. You are innocent, I say!

cakeologist said...

I set my husband up his own FB account because I was sick of him getting into mine. If I had read you post last night, I would have thought not having your husband as a friend was weird, but after an incident this morning I started thinking of unfriending him...and then I read your post.

Rancher Mom said...

Hubby is on my FB list, but then again he hasn't logged into that thing for a year or so, so it doesn't really count.
I loved that video, reminds me of some of the drama I see from certain people on my friend's list lol.

Ashley said...

This was hilarious and so true! Thanks for a good chuckle today!

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Mrs K said...

haha..funny! Im friends with the hubs on FB:)

blondevue... said...

Unfriending or not being 'friends' with your husband or bf on facebook seems really awful to me and rude. It may work for some people but for me I feel that open communication would be the best way to go.
Just my opinion, not beating anyone down about it.

Lisa.s said...

First off, found you through a blog hop. And yes, I do have my hubby as my friend, because it's really the only way to have my pictures on his profile.. by tagging him. What I am not sure about, is if someone "unfriends" me, if I'm still a "friend" in real life... I'm talking about someone who I know, who I used to hang out with, and suddenly took me off her list, plus took my hubby off her list... I really believe that people just get stuck into HighSchool mentality when on facebook. I use it now for my business, so I've grown up!

Anonymous said...

Yep, my husband is my FB friend too. He's rarely on and if he does look at my page, well... he already knows I'm a complete fuh-reak. No surprises anymore.

TexaGermaNadian said...

Haha, awesome! Too funny. It is probably a good thing, we get some weirdos following us (and sending emails/lies/stories/ what ever they think will get under his skin). And sooo true how people post 'bad' things about teams/players from their husbands team. I cannot even imagine that, just a dumb idea!
I hope ya'll can resolve not being 'friends'. Knowing this crazy world, they probably have therapy for that. Thanks for linking up to the hop today, so glad you did!

April Westerhold said...

Hottie Scottie would rather cut off his right arm than have a Facebook page. He is the last of the hold-outs and I don't think he will ever sign up just out of pride!

Let'sMakeADifference said...

Such a great post!! So,So cute!!! I'm blog hopping and found your blog. I'm following. Would love for you to check out my blog and follow back! Have a great weekend!

Krystal said...

Hey this is sooooo funny!
Found you thru the blog hop, check out mine if you have time

Jamie Walker said...

Ugh yes, facebook and even my blog have been the beginning of several arguments. Maybe it would be best if we weren't friends!

Crystal said...

hahaha too funny! I actually just got onto facebook this past September. I know. I know. I was a total "hater"! Oh well...all's well that ends well, right?? You are so funny...we would have such a riot together!!! OK- the jury decides.....not guilty. I figured it was an anonymity thing...I mean, your hubby is googl-able (totally a word!!). I don't blame you. Actually for National Security reasons (my hubby is a soldeir) I'm supposed to be a little more anonymous. In my defense, hubby's security clearance is pretty low...I think we're good. :) have a great weekend!

melody-mae said...

haha...oh yes my dear, my hubs and I are friends on facebook! I loved this post today!!!