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It is time to be liberated!

February 1, 2011



Midway through the hockey season is All-Star Break!  This is a coveted time for all wives to plan for their husbands to be home, with hopes of a small get-away.  However, if your husband is playing in the all-star game, then you do not get the break.  But at least your husband will come home with a whole bunch of swag (much like celebrities get at award shows, but not nearly as cool!)

If you are lucky enough to not have children, or can leave them with family, or have a nanny...then you probably get to go somewhere on an airplane...usually somewhere warm!  I know people this year who went to Florida, the Caribbean, and Mexico.  There is nothing better than a quick trip to the beach, where you can relax and drink on the beach.

Remember this picture from here
Then there are people like my husband and myself.  We have children.  There is no family near enough to take the children, and we do not have a nanny!  So we had to decide where we could go for the break.  I wanted somewhere warm, my husband wanted to just get out of town, and my kids wanted to go somewhere with water.  So we loaded up the kids and drove seven hours to stay at an indoor water park!
Who needs The Bahamas?
My kids were so excited, they acted as though we told them they were going to Disney World!  When I was a kid, staying overnight in a hotel was exciting enough, and usually all they had was a regular pool to swim in.  

Now I have to stop here, as this post is not about our trip...but something I saw during our stay at this water park that has intrigued me for the past three days.  Let me explain...

I am never one to be too excited about anything involving a swimsuit.  I am in my mid-thirties, I have had two children, and I like chocolate cake.  I especially do not like wearing a swimsuit in winter when I  do not have an ounce of a tan!  With this in mind, I packed my favorite mommy-suit.  The "modest" two piece that covers my stomach but is still technically a "two-piece".  

Do you own a mommy-suit?
On our first day at the water park, I looked around and started noticing these women in what looked like dresses made of swimsuit material.  They were pretty much covered from head to toe. Even the younger girls were covered as well.  Their husbands and sons had on yarmulkes, so I assumed they were Jewish. Once I returned to my room that night, I googled a few things and discovered these women were practicing Tznius (modesty) and most likely practiced Orthodox Judaism.  

A few things I learned, aside from the modest dressing:
  • Men are not supposed to hear women sing.  
  • Members of the opposite sex are not supposed to touch, short handshakes are excluded.
  • Men and women are not to be secluded behind locked doors.
  • Men and women are not supposed to mingle during religious services.
  • Men are not to watch women dance.
I learned that many times women and girls were required to swim separately to avoid wearing a regular swimsuit around the opposite sex.  Some women and girls would swim in robes or regular clothing if they wanted to swim with others.  Finally, there was a genius woman who decided to make Modest Swimwear!!

Of course, you might be thinking the same thing I did.  These poor women are so oppressed.
Day two at the water park, and I couldn't stop watching these women and young girls.  They were swimming, laughing, and having a wonderful time.  They certainly weren't acting oppressed in any way.  Their husbands were nurturing and loving towards them.  They certainly were not acting like they were  anything more than equal with their wives.  

As I was standing in line waiting for our family's turn on the big water slide it hit me...these women are not oppressed, I am.  Here I stood in line and all I could think about was the cellulite on the back of my thighs, the pudgy belly I had from carrying two children, and whether or not I had shaved all signs of hair and if the tiny red bumps in their place were showing too much. 

However, the lovely ladies in front of me who were wearing their modest swimsuits could have cared less...they had nothing to worry about but having fun.  
Our society tells us to show more skin to be attractive to others...but that skin better be tanned, tight and hairless.  God forbid we carry a few extra pounds, have a few bumps and lumps, and a stray hair grows the wrong way...then society tells us we should be shamed into wearing cover-ups and tankinis!  We spend our time in our swimsuits more worried about how we look than if we are having a good time.  It is time to end this oppression and liberate ourselves on the beach!!

I have ordered mine in red!

* This post in no way is meant to disrespect different faiths or beliefs.  It is my hope I was able to deliver links to sites that explain all practices discussed above in a fair and non-judgmental way.  It is not my intention to offend anyone.  


Anonymous said...

I am a bit confused. Are both those pictures of you in your mommy suit? (the side-by-side photo under the waterslide)

No. 7 said...

Ugh. Cellulite and baby bumps after there's no baby. My personal hell. Swimsuit mid-winter and full of flap? Nightmare.

posidanielle said...

The indoor water park looks like a lot of fun and i admire you for writing this post. I am all about being yourself and loving yourself for who you are (flab and all,) but I am also one who struggles with body issues. I am totally ready to liberate myself on the beach! I will join you there!

Crystal said...

I want one in blue...or maybe black, black is more slimming right :) I am killing myself trying to get into swimsuit shape. You hit the nail on the head...anything less than perfection and our society chastizes it! Crazy...women are so ridiculed. I've had 4 kids and am fighting the adverse effects that it inevitably has on my body...tyring to measure up to that tight little 20 year old prancing around in her barely-there suit...can you even call that a swimsuit??!!

On another boys LOVE indoor water parks. We have one here that they are always begging to go to. And we don't have family to help with kids and give us a weekend either. It sucks...I just want 1 measley little weekend before my hubby leaves for a year in Afghanistan...but nobody seems to be too willing to help me out :(

Kim said...

Mmm somewhere warm sounds WONDERFUL but not doable right now. I am with you about the ridiculous expectations placed on ladies. We just need a new standard! One that is modest & reasonable.

Hockey Wife said...

I bought the most adorable one-piece Juicy suit after I had Linden. I figured it'd just be a suit I'd wear for a season but I love it. I'll rock a two-piece on a good day but the one-piece is my go to! Thanks for the stretch marks, Linden ;)

Glad you and your family got away for a few days - I am sure that your kids loved it after Daddy was gone for so long!

retro bathing suits said...

I'm all about you and love you for being who you are (grease and all), but I am also one who struggles with body issues. I am quite willing to relieve myself on the beach! I'll join you!

Missy said...

The stray hair situation is such an upkeep! The worst is if your in the sun and the sun catches your leg at the wrong angle and you realise you've missed a little patch!! I can't forget about it for the rest of the day haha! Oh, I've added your fab button for blogs I love!