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A Hockey Kiss of Death...

February 17, 2011

In hockey, there is a certain day that can wreak havoc on an already unstable lifestyle....

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I would like to share with you a few examples of things that can boost the chance that a player will be traded (not just for lack of points, team chemistry, salary cap, etc.)...

A player will most-likely be traded...
  • The player has purchased, in bulk, spaghetti, tomato sauce, and chicken breasts from Costco!
  • The player has been chosen to pose for the cover on the next month's issue of the team program. (This happened one season on my husband's team...the team program always had a player on the cover who had been traded before the issue came out.)
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  • The player has been told to find permanent housing (for us, it is buying a home)

These are from my husband...when I asked him about {rumored} 'kiss of deaths' in the hockey world...
  • The player finally gets around to dropping off his dry-cleaning.
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  • The player only packs one suit for a road trip.  (Then is sent to a new team from the road).
  • The goalie finally gets his mask painted with the team logo.
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This one is my favorite...
  • The player finally finds a regular "booty call"!

um, ok babe...what ever you say!

**UPDATE....I have had some great additions, and I wanted to be sure to post them!**

Thank you to KY at Travel Babbles  

  • The guy's girlfriend or family books a flight to come see them mid-season. Bam, kiss, goodbye!

Thank you to the Hockey Wife

  • A wife or girlfriend does not understand that it is NEVER smart to talk poorly of the organization that signs the paychecks!  

Anyone else want to add to the list?  What is the kiss of death for a hockey player to be traded?


TexaGermaNadian said...

Haha, so true. I miss being at home, but don't miss this jumping around biznaz at home. Love your creative hockey posts :)

KY said...

I have one - Luckily it hasn't happened to us (knock on wood) but it's happened EVERY year to someone - the guys girlfriend or family books a flight to come visit mid-season. Bam, kiss, goodbye.

Tales of a Hockey Wife said...

YES...KY you are so right! My husband agrees, that is always the kiss of death!!

I need to add it with a link to you!

Hockey Wife said...

Or as we recently learned ... the kiss of death is when your girlfriend/wife takes to Twitter and other social media outlets to bash his current organization and rant about how no one else deserves to be called up. Life just ain't fair! Whoopsies!

Amanda-The Nutritionist Reviews said...

Haha cute post!

I just found your blog through one of the Friday blog hops! Have a great weekend.

Amanda @

Nikki said...

LOVE the goalie mask one and the buying the house one! Great post!

I have also seen the trade deadline kiss of death via:

girlfriend/wife enrolls in full time university classes or gets a full time job... and with 2 weeks, they are gonezo!

Nik @

Jen said...

Just having a baby!

I love your blog, as I am a diehard hockey fan!

Heather said...

This is too funny!

I'm always a follower, but I'm stopping by from Happy Hour today. :)

Sarah said...

I am a new follower from the weekend hop and I look forward to following your blog! I hope you have time to stop by!

CarrieJo said...

oh this post had me rolling with laughter! so funny!

great great great post! :)

Anonymous said...

Your coach calls your husband in one afternoon and gives him "free" front row tickets to "Evita", and then calls your husband back in an hour later to tell him he's being traded and the flight is in less than 22 hours. Kiss of death.