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The List...

February 7, 2011

Today's theme on FTLOB is Love Letters...

I have been wanting to do a post about THE LIST that my husband and I have had since we started dating. THE LIST has three famous people on it, and if you ever get a chance to have "relations" with that is a free pass to do so, no questions asked, and no harm done!  Of course, there are some rules that go along with having such a list...which I will share with you.
  • You must have named the "person of desire" previously.  If you walk into a room, and see a famous are not allowed to change the list at a moment's notice.  (example...I cannot see Josh Duhamel in a restaurant, put him on my list...and then sneak off with him.  That would be against the rules!)
  • We have a THREE PERSON LIMIT on our list.  
  • We each have the right to change our list at anytime (the exception is mentioned in the first rule).  Many times the list is modified after seeing a movie, concert, or magazine spread...then our conversation goes like this...."Wow, that was a great movie.  (Fill in celebrity name) is now on my LIST!" 
  • It has to be a famous person...or at least someone where there really is no chance of ever actually meeting, let alone having "relations" with.  
Want to know our most current LISTS?  I thought you did.  
Dear Josh, 

Although you have a bad-boy image, and there are rumors you have not been faithful to Fergie, I am ok with that! It is not like I want to marry you! Because of you, watching Ramona and Beezus with my daughter 1,000 times is bearable!  
The Hockey Wife
Dear Matt, 

Um, not only are you delicious amazing to look at, your moves movies are good too.  When I see you in celebrity gossip magaziness, it is because you are having another child with that wife of yours.  You are such a family man...maybe we will meet one day at Chuck E Cheese! (wink, wink)!
The Hockey Wife
Dear Sting, 

You have been on my list from the beginning.  In fact, you are the reason for this list!  I had thought about putting you in my wedding vows..."In sickness and in health, until death or a fabulous chance meeting with Sting do us part".  But my husband thought that was taking it a bit too far.  

Be still my beating heart,
The Hockey Wife
As for my husband's list....
 Julia Ormond (I know...who?)  She has been on the list since the beginning for him
 Angie Harmon delivered an ESPN award on TV, and my husband could only say "WOW"...she was put on the list that night.
Marisa Tomei.  
(Funny thing is that people say I look like her...but not in this photo!)
**As I was typing this blog, I had sent a text to my husband to verify his list.  I will transcribe it below:

(sent by me)  Aside from Julia Ormond, who is on your list? very important  

(husband's reply) Did u just meet Sting?



Mollie said...

If I had had liquid in my mouth as I read your husband's reply, it would've been all over my computer screen.

Well done.

I did the FTLOB Love Letter Challenge of 2011 too. But I didn't read the fine print.

Mrs K said... funny:)

April Westerhold said...

Love the end! Very cute!

Hockey Wife said...

haha that is so funny. we joke about lists all the time - have you seen the episode of friends where they have lists?

b. lee said...

so dig this post * Sting is on my list too, girlfriend!!! he's the man * *

Anonymous said...

It is obvious by his picks that your husband can I put this delicately...OLD!

The Hockey Wife said...

Hockey Wife, - Yes, we laughed so hard when we saw that episode. I was going to mention it in my blog, but didn't find room. I believe Ross had removed the celeb from his list?

B. Lee, - Sting is looking a little too botoxed these days, but he still is HOT!!

Anonymous....yes, my husband is OLD. He is still younger than Sting.

Jessame said...

LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! This made my day!! Hilarious stuff!! Stopping by from mingle monday!!! Love your blog:)

Meredith said...

Hi! Saw you on Mingle Monday and you crack me up! Loved this post, especially your husband's text :)

TexaGermaNadian said...

Haha, that is great he immediately thought that you were asking because you had ran into one of yours :) Ya'll are too funny. I like your list, but I have just one revision...Ryan Reynolds! lol

Missy said...

Hahahahahaha!!! He totally thought you'd lucked out in your list and was ready to try and exchange his for a more 'local' celebrity in the style of Friends!!

The Hockey Wife said...

yes...Ryan Reynolds (The Proposal)...that could be a definite alternate for Josh Duhamel. Maybe there should be an Injured Reserve list?

Anonymous said...

Ummm...are we related? My husband and I have had The List for years. I think ours began with a Friends repeat.
This is really, really funny! Now go track Sting down.

Casey said...

Hi! Visiting from Mingle Monday! I love your precious blog! The "lists" are too funny! My and my boyfriend (who is also a hockey player/enthusiast) have definitely had that talk too. Boy, a run-in with Matt Damon would mean all rules are out for me too!

The Hockey Wife said...


Ladies, who would your 3 picks be for your list?

Crystal said...

hahahaha!! my husband has always professed his love for Sandra Bullock and said he would leave me for her in a heartbeat. I however, love athletes. I've loved the unassuming Marshall Falk for ever, and you can add any other running back or wide receiver to that list!!!!

LesleyRH said...

Haha! My husband and I do the same thing although, I keep changing my list! I think I've settled on Gerard Butler for now and he's been sticking with Rihanna for quite some time now!