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You ask, I will answer....except for that!

February 5, 2012

I am opening up my next post to a few of your questions.  Go ahead, ask me a question and I will answer it.  (But I won't answer THAT question. You know...the one about who my husband is).

The truth is, I have all these great ideas for posts swirling around my brain, and for some reason I cannot find the motivation to post them.  So I was hoping for a little help from you.  Do you have a question for me?  Maybe you have a question for my husband? Or maybe an idea for my next post?  Then ask away, and I will answer....

send your questions to  Tales of a Hockey Wife


Tami Miller said...

How many times have you had to move because of hockey?  Is there a place you just hated?

Michaela said...

I love it!  I so admire how you are anonymous.  I can't imagine being married to anyone in the public eye.  And I know I'm guilty of asking the very question you won't answer... :)