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Sometimes you need to watch your words...

February 6, 2012

Dear Gisele,

Sometimes, you need to watch what you say.  Maybe you missed this post of mine. Right at the bottom of the post, I lay out some ground rules for dating or marrying an athlete.  NEVER SPEAK ABOUT THINGS THAT ARE NOT FOR OTHERS TO HEAR!  I am sure Tom gave you quite the talk this morning when this video surfaced.

I know it is tough to hear horrible things yelled about your husband.  It is always disappointing when your husband's team loses, especially a championship game.  But for goodness sake...DO NOT TALK POORLY OF YOUR HUSBAND'S TEAMMATES!  Even if your husband has voiced a few negative things in the privacy of your home.  This makes YOU look bad and your HUSBAND look bad.

Even though I am anonymous on this blog, if you were to go back and read every single post, I never say anything that could come back to haunt me about my husband's team or players.  I always make sure when I write my posts...I imagine the GM of my husband's team reading it.

So Gisele...I hope you have learned a lesson, and your husband is able to return to Boston and clean up your mess!


Tami Miller said...

I missed this in the news.  What a ding dong!  Not only an athlete's wife has to watch what is being said. I think it's true for anyone.  You just don't talk bad about people (unless of course you are in the privacy of your own home…heehee).

Blonde_Morgan said...

I have to agree with this, despite not being with a professional sportsman. There are places to speak and others to hold back. She should have kept her mouth shut because in the end it only makes her look ridiculous but also creates a check against Tom Brady--which is a shame. Apparently she needs a lesson in speech


TexaGermaFinlaNadian said...

Agreed! I totally thought how embarrassed my husband would be if I said this. Unclassy!