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A Valentine's Day Repost - CHOREPLAY!

February 14, 2012

Today is Valentine's Day!  Do you have something romantic planned?  Whatever you do, make sure you include lot's of choreplay!

This summer, my husband and I were having a disagreement discussion, in which I pointed out that I do 90% of all housework.  Our conversation went something like this (it actually went exactly like this, but my husband will probably tell you it didn't)...I have included visuals.

"I do 90% of the housework around here!"


"You don't even know 60% of what I do exists!"

Maybe I am exaggerating a little husband doesn't really do 10% of the housework, it is more like 5%!  

I was reading the latest Chatelaine magazine (similar to Family Circle here in Canada) and they had a Question of the Month...
What's the most romantic moment you've ever experienced?
Of course, there were your typical romantic responses...One man made his wife origami roses since they were short on money, one man booked a babysitter and took his wife for a romantic weekend, one man cut out 100 hearts and wrote romantic things on each heart before hanging them in the living room, blah, blah, blah...

Then it caught my eye...a small submission from Joyce of Quebec:
"For me, nothing was more romantic than the day my husband told me he would start doing the laundry.  He's great at helping me--it means I fall back in love with him every day!"

Ladies...I am talking about CHOREPLAY!  According to the Council of Contemporary Families (CCF), the more men do around the house the happier women are.
The reward for menfolk who help out around the house could be more sex. "We sociologists generally don't go there, but therapists say there's a direct correlation" between men doing more housework and the frequency of sex, said Scott Coltrane, a co-author of the article.

In a fascinating article, Dr. Gert Holstege says...
Of course, it’s tough for a woman to chill out when she comes home from one job, only to be burdened by a “second shift” of cleaning, cooking, and chaos. In that scenario, sex is just one more task on her to-do list. The goal of choreplay: to move sex to the top of that list by helping her cross off some of the less scintillating items.

I have a few sexy suggestions to spice up your choreplay this Valentine's Day...

Nothing like an adult video to get into the mood!
From the book by Susan Anderson
Don't be afraid to use "toys"!

How about a sexy little outfit?
Have a happy and satisfying Valentine's Day!

Question:  Does your significant other give you enough CHOREPLAY?


Vapidvixen said...

This is so perfect for Valentines Day.  "Choreplay" made me laugh.  I've never heard that term before.  I'm one of the lucky ones who's significant other does his own laundry, cooks for me and vacuums.  I do the dishes, the bathroom, kitchen works out perfectly.  Hope you and your hubby have a great Valentines Day.

Big Fat Gini said...

I love Porn For Women! That book had me laughing so hard, I cried! 

Mr. BFG is pretty good about helping me out. Sure, he usually does it the wrong way and I have to go back and re-do it 50% of the time, but it's better than no help at all. I think? I have to look at it like this: He shows love by keeping the kids, making the yard look nice, and slapping me on the ass while I'm cooking dinner.