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How to lose your Valentine with one gift!

February 11, 2012

This post is for the men out there.

It's that time of year..the dreaded 14th of February is on it's way, and I am sure the panic to find the perfect gift has settled in.  Valentine's Day is a make-it or break-it event for all of you!  Get the wrong gift and you will be forever shunned to the Dog House.



I saw this commercial today, and I felt I needed to give you a little warning....DO NOT ORDER THESE! This is NOT a Hot Valentine's Day Gift, as the commercial claims it is!

Why do I think of this when I see the pink Hoodie Footie?


Do you have another item that is a MUST NOT for your Valentine? Share it with me and I will put it in an upcoming Valentine's Day post. I would love to do a top ten list of the WORST GIFTS FOR VALENTINE'S DAY...


Stasia Yates said...

Only you could find the aint getting sex for a year gift!  Seriously laughed out loud!  Unfortunately as we don't celebrate Valentines Day I don't have a worse gift BUT as far as humungous faux pas John got be a Birthday Card for our 20th Anniversary last year!  Happy Annibirthary!

Esbee said...

These videos are hysterical! I confess. I am not a typical girl who goes for the jewelry gift. I once got a Cooperstown Replica Baseball Jersey for Christmas. One of the best gifts ever! But it was thoughtful and perfect for ME. These are very well done though! FOLD!

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Tami Miller said...

I HATE those hoodie footie things.  The commercials are so dumb too!

OKinUK said...

You win the internet.