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February 10, 2012

I am going to host a live chat on my blog tonight 6:00 pm for those of you on the West Coast and 9:00 pm for those of you on the East Coast! 7:00 pm and 8:00 pm for those of you living right in the middle!

Grab a bag of chips with a drink and settle onto the couch in your finest yoga pants and stained T-shirt!  This is a great way to meet fellow bloggers and tweeters that you have seen floating through the social media universe.

As always, I like to offer a "topic" for all of us to answer as we join into the live chat.  It is a great way to get the conversation going....

What celebrity do people tell you you look most like?

If you cannot make it at 8:00 CST/9:00 EST, feel free to join in at anytime....these chats have been known to go on for a few hours!


Elise said...

I can't join because of lack of internet at my house and I won't be going back out again...but just wanted to share, people tell me that I look like Drew Barrymore.  It's only happened a few times, but it's the only celebrity anyone has ever told me I look like.  Even weirder is that people tell me that I sound like her close friends and family (and me) don't see it, but I've had numerous high school students when I am subbing tell me this

Big Fat Gini said...

OOH! Fun times! I might join in, if the hubs ends up taking the oldest boy to see Episode I in 3D (that's right, I live with nerds) tonight!