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Guess who's coming to dinner...?

February 8, 2012

Thanks for all the great questions...

Tonight I thought I would answer two of them in one post....

My first question was this:

How do I nail down the Hockey Player of my dreams?

Hmmm, how do I answer this?  Seeing that I never had a hockey player in any of my dreams...unless the dream looked a little like this....

In all honesty, I didn't even know my future husband was a hockey player when I met him...but I do know I could hear Handel's Hallelujah chorus in my ears as I walked toward the blinding light that was shining behind him.
 I assume however, the type of hockey player you are interested in "landing" would be more of a young player with a seven-figure paycheck...not the older-about-to-retire hockey player that I nailed-down!  Who wouldn't want to date someone who makes 2.5 million dollars per year to play a silly game on ice?  Sign me up!
If there was a dating site for finding hockey players, I would suggest an ad that looks like this:

Single female seeks a loving relationship with a big contract heart.  I love moving twice a year, living in hotel rooms, and enjoy being alone while you travel.  I come from a wonderful family that I could care less if I only see once per year, and the Masters Degree I earned was just for fun.  I love the idea that other women have no regard for our relationship, and I enjoy reading horrible things online about the people I love.

The second question was this:

What was your parent's initial reaction to dating a "hockey player", and how do they feel about him now?

Remember how I said it was love at first sight?  The night I met my future husband, I went home and signed into my AOL dial-up account to look up his last name on the team website.  I couldn't remember it to save my life. I definitely called my BFF and told her I met the man I was going to marry, and the next day I popped my head into my dad's office and I asked him this question...

"What would you say if I dated a hockey player who is much older than me?"

My father's response was typical and full of sarcasm (I think)..."Is he rich?"

My father had always told my sister and me..."If you are going to study, study in the law library and the medical library!"  The most humorous part is that I met my husband in a bar called The Library!

Since I was twenty-one at the time and my future husband was thirty-five, that was much more shocking to people than the fact he played hockey for a living.  (Remember, I was from a city that was not a big hockey town, so dating a hockey player was not a big deal.)

My family was not shocked about the age difference, as I have always dated older boys...(I was fifteen when my first real boyfriend was eighteen) (I was nineteen when I dated a thirty-four year old) (I was twenty when I dated a MUCH OLDER MAN) there really were no raised eyebrows once I began dating my future husband!

Funny story, my uncle is the same age as my husband, and one night he was at a game. His friend had on my husband's jersey, and so my uncle told him how (my husband) was going to be his nephew.  The guy didn't believe him because my husband was the oldest guy on the team, if not in the league.  I definitely tease my husband about my "Uncle Bob".  My husband refuses to call him his uncle!

The truth is that my husband is the nicest man you will ever meet.  He is respectful and comes from an amazing family. Although I have moved away from my family...I think my parents are quite pleased with my choice of a husband.  I married my husband because I fell in love with a man who happens to play hockey.  To me, my family and our friends, my husband is just husband.    


Stasia Yates said...

Nicely done! Loved the hockey dating site!

Tipper17 said...

Was the first one seriously a question someone asked?   I enjoyed the second question though.  
Keep up the great blogging!

Your loving (and poor) sister said...

If you had married a man with a million dollar contract, you would get to see you family more often...I really don't see why you had to marry for love when I would have preferred you married for money and then gave some of that money to me.

Tami Miller said...

I hope the first one was *kinda* joking and not looking for a sugar daddy.  Anyhoo, I loved your answers. And a bar called 'Library'?? really??