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Blog Challenge...Day two!

August 26, 2011


Of course it would be smart of me to start off by saying I love my family!  So I will put this on the top of my list...then the rest of my loves will be petty, selfish, and snarky!  

Once a month, I love to eat chocolate!  If you read this, then I don't even have to tell when that is during the month?

I love putting out my Christmas decorations and decorating our tree!  Last year we did not decorate, except for the outside lights (remember this post?)  I usually will start decorating on December 1!  If my husband still played in the NHL, and made current NHL money (the big bucks) I would buy out Pottery Barn and decorate my whole house...bedrooms and bathrooms included! 

I love Sting! 

Another thing I love is a long hot bath (remember this?)
In fact, I cannot think of anything better than a long hot bath...
..oh wait, I think I can!

I love the smell of clean laundry! I recently bought these, and I love the extra scent they have given our clean clothes.  I suggest you buy some and try them if you like the smell of clean laundry too! 

When I was pregnant with my son, I did not just love sushi, I craved it!  I would have my husband take me for sushi on Wednesday or Thursday.  When he had a game on the weekend, I would go eat sushi with friends.  On Monday or Tuesday I would tell my husband I was running errands, then I would drive across town and eat more sushi!  (For the record, my son turned out just fine!)
 But now that I am no longer pregnant, I have cut my sushi consumption down to once or twice per week.  Both my children love sushi also! 

I love politics! 

But will not speak of my beliefs on this blog! 

I love that our family is returning to the same city for the third year in a row.  Although this year we will be moving to a new home, and my daughter will go to a different school...I love that we will return to the restaurants we have grown to love, the pole studio I adore, and great friends I have made! 

Coming tomorrow soon....



april said...

Love the post and your loves!

DP said...

Can't wait for you to come back...gonna try those Downy Unstopables - can you get them in Canada? - if not, please add to my list of what you need to bring for me :-) and finally, that's what I look like in a hockey mask HAHA!! Have a great day packing - see ya soon.

Big Fat Gini said...

It honestly took me a minute to realize that it was Sting in the bathtub and NOT Joel Mchale from The Soup. I think I need new contacts. Also, I think I'm gonna pick up the Downy Unstopables. Seems like something a mom of boys might need.