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A kick-in-the-pants!!

August 24, 2011

Summer is winding down, and I have begun the process of preparing to move back to Canada for the 2011-2012 season.  The off-season has flown by, and I once again I feel like tearing my hair out!
BUT THIS TIME THINGS WILL BE DIFFERENT....I will not bring things that I will end up not using.  But unfortunately, I will need to return things that I thought I would need at the my rain boots.  I brought them home for the summer, and sadly never wore them.  I can name about 20 things I brought back with me, and never touched.  Those things will need to return to Canada...where I am sure I will need them at some point. that I think of it...there will not be a difference from the seasons before.  I will overpack many things I will not end up using!  
I have felt so bad about my lack of blogging all summer, and I have been looking for that extra special kick-in-the-pants that would get me back on track.

Today I was browsing a few blogs and I came across April's blog over at Party of 5.  April had been reading Jamie's blog, and she had decided to participate in the 10 day blog challenge.  Well...I too will be participating for the next 10 be sure to check back each day!    

Here's how the challenge works...For ten days I will tell you things about myself.  Each day will be a different theme, while counting down from ten items to just one.  
Day 1 = 10 secrets
Day 2 = 9 loves
Day 3 = 8 fears
Day 4 = 7 wants
Day 5 = 6 places
Day 6 = 5 foods
Day 7 = 4 books
Day 8 = 3 films
Day 9 = 2 songs
Day 10 = 1 picture

This will be an excellent way for me to get back into blogging on a regular basis....especially now that hockey is starting back up!  It will also keep me from bitching and moaning about trying to find a new home for this season....from our cottage 400 miles away! (FYI...This will be my 14th address in 13 years...special post about THAT coming soon!)


I secretly love to listen to the Delilah radio show when I drive long distances at night.  I make a game of trying to guess the cheesy song Delilah will choose for the person calling in and sharing far too much information! 

I spend far too much time on the computer...but it helps me tune out my kids when they are driving me CRAZY!!

I secretly wish I had a thyroid problem, which would explain these extra 10 pounds I cannot get rid of!  Seriously, I don't know why I cannot lose this weight!

Sometimes people call and I tune them out while they are talking to me (I am probably on the computer at the time they call).  I find myself say "really?" and "hmm" a lot during the conversation.  I am doing it to my father right now as I type this!

My kids stay up way too late! 

Every morning I wake up and decide today is the day I will stop eating carbs so I can lose those damn 10 pounds....then I go downstairs and eat two pieces of white toast.  

Remember this?  I have turned into someone who wears ZUMBA clothing to my ZUMBA classes!

I once took a piece of "dog jerky" and fed part of it to my dog when I wasn't supposed to.  My mom found it hidden under my pillow, and I lied and I said that I was the one who ate it.  To this day, my mom thinks I really stole the dog treat and ate it myself.  I have never told her the truth!  

I ate a box of Freihofer's chocolate chip cookies this week. I am so ashamed! 

I secretly have a small crush on Sting...but I try to be discreet about it! 

UP NEXT......


Jaime S said...

I look forward to reading the rest of the 10 day blog challenge.... and welcome back to Canada!

April said...

First of all I have missed you!!  So happy that you are back.  It's ok if you don't do the challenge on the same days as everyone else.  I can't wait for hockey season!  Kanin starts again in October.  Did you read about the guy in Calgary who saw a cloud that looked like a Blue Note and thus predicted the Blues would win the Stanley Cup . . . if only it were that easy.  I love Delilah, too!


Big Fat Gini said...

I knew you'd turn into one of those crazy Zumba ladies! Also, if I could eat Pioneer Woman's cinnamon toast every fracking day, I totally would. 

Lesley said...

I need to get my blogging butt back in gear too...I've not posted or read much unfortunately all summer...but I'll work on it!!!