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Blog Challenge...Day Three

August 27, 2011


I am afraid of heights!  Not in the paralyzing, hyperventilating, phobic fear like some...
...but I can die without any regret of NOT jumping off a bridge with a rope tied around my legs!  

I am afraid that there is something that will chase me up the stairs when there are no lights on.  
I have run up the stairs since I was a kid!  

I am afraid of this...
...really afraid!  

I fear one of my children will get lost in a big crowd.
I have always told them to look for a "Mommy with a stroller" if they are lost, and let them know  they need help.  I believe a mother would never let a lost child out of their site until the parents are found!
Well....not ALL Moms!

I am afraid to expose myself and my family on my blog...

I would never want to offend someone...

I fear my children will resent the fact that they have moved so much for hockey! 
...but I like to think it will only make them stronger!  

I have a fear of swimming in the ocean!  I don't like to think about sharks swimming below me!  
I have gone scuba diving before...and I loved it!  But there was always that looming fear of Jaws lurking close by!  

I am extremely afraid of bees and bee stings!  
but not all stings....
I wouldn't be afraid of this "Sting"!  




Jaime S said...

my bf is afraid of heights too ... but the paralyzing kind.  I'm afraid of bugs... any kind of bugs, really.. if it has 6 legs, I'm afraid of it... or 100 legs.. centipedes freak me the eff out. I think they invented the game just so people wouldn't be afraid of them but really they are scary shit.

April said...

Ha!  You are and your love affair of Sting!  Love it.  I agree with you about MOST Mommies and lost children.  When we took Kanin to meet Randy Orton a little boy was lost in this Wal-Mart and I saw him.  I left my kids with Scott and walked around that store for 20 minutes holding the little boy's hand trying to find his dad. 

Missy said...

I have a fear of the stair thing to but only at parents house because the door faces the stairs so I always panic that someone is looking through the glass when I go up in the dark!!

Hope you're not too stressed with the season beginning!

Stasiayates said...

Hilarious blog! Moved 9 times in 11 years for hubby's job!. Keep them coming.