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Blog Challenge...Day Seven

August 31, 2011


If I like a book, I will read it in a day...
If I don't like a book, I will never get around to finishing it!  
I figure, I should put three books that I have recently loved...and one that is a classic! 
To Kill a Mockingbird
by Harper Lee
It doesn't get better than this!  
I always said I would give my son the middle name of "Atticus"...(then I had a son and he received an irish name instead!)
 City of Thieves
by David Benioff
Have you ever randomly grabbed a book off the shelf, and found a fantastic read?  I happened to pick this one up two seasons ago.  It was on a book shelf in a home we were renting...I read it in two days!  I then handed it over to my husband, and he devoured it.  
Thin is the New Happy
by Valerie Frankel
I picked this book up for a fun beach read!  This book made me do some soul searching and also think about my concern with my own weight and what my young daughter picks up on.  If you have ever tried to lose some weight, or have a young daughter...I highly suggest this great book! 
My final book is one I am currently reading...
The Help
by Kathryn Stockett
I will discuss this book in tomorrow's post, which will be


**I know, this is the FIRST post in my challenge that does not have Sting in it!  So I will add a bonus book...


april said...

Ah, the creativity.  I'm looking for some new books to read so I will have to check these out!

SixSistersStuff said...

Look like good books! I am cracking up at the last one! :) I found you on a Blog Hop and I am your newest follower! I would love to have you stop by and follow back if you want to!
Camille @
PS We also have a link party every Saturday- I would love to have you link up if you want to!