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My little guilty pleasure...

March 3, 2011

I have been quite upfront with the extreme joy celebrity gossip magazines bring to me!  If you need a memory boost, you can read this and this.  You will see that I am in love with reading the latest celebrity scoop!

A few of my favorites are:

I usually will stand in the longest line at the grocery store, just so I can browse the latest celebrity gossip and not have to actually buy the magazine (is that considered shoplifting?)  The poor check-out lady will say "Ma'am, I am open on aisle 3"  and I will look at her and say "No thank you...I am fine in this long line!" 

Thank God for all the small toys at Target's check-out lanes.  While most parents hate when their kids kneel down to look at everything, while asking "can I have this?"...I secretly love those aisle toys, as they buy me a little extra peace and quiet while I find out who has had botox injections in Hollywood!

When I was a flight attendant, there was nothing better than finding leftover celebrity magazines in the seat-back pockets.  During my flights I would make mental notes of the seat numbers of those reading the latest tabloids!  As I was saying "buh-bye" to all the passengers, I would think about rushing back to their seat in hopes of striking gossip gold!  To this day, I usually will buy every single tabloid before my flight, and after I have read every last page, I will politely hand over my magazines to a deserving flight attendant.  Their faces light up and the smile they get is enough to warm my heart.  I call it *Layover Love! (imagine the flight attendant laying in her hotel bed reading her magazines on the layover!)
*Please make a note and give a little of this "love" on your next flight!  

Do you notice the three magazines above? Do you see the similarities?  That is right, they all have to do with how celebrities look in their swimwear.  Of course, I purchase these magazines because:
  • I want to see how they keep those amazing bodies...Just in case one day I too can have a personal trainer come to my house, while my nanny watches the kids, and the personal chef fixes my healthy meals!
  • I want to see what a "celebrity" post-baby body looks I can feel even worse about my "real" post-baby body!
  • I want to see that celebrities are like me, and have cellulite faults!
Ok...why do I buy these magazines again?

Do you want to know where I like to read my tabloids?
  • On the beach
  • In the bathtub
  • At the gym
  • In the bookstore
  • On a plane
  • In the grocery store line
  • At the library 
In a house, with a mouse...In a box with a fox...
    I will read tabloids here and there, I will read them ANYWHERE!



    TexaGermaNadian said...

    LOVE me some gossip mags. I love your comment about the long line, so true. My favorites are the 'my story' when a c list star opens up to their hardships in life. So hilarious to me!

    Morgan said...

    The terrible shame that is a trainwreck celebrity. OK is my guilty pleasure with USWeekly as a close runner up, there's something about trash with a glossy cover. What reels me in are the stupid things some of the celbs say or what their eating regimen is knowing the truth behind it.

    i.e. Kim Kardashian:I'm at lunch, the woman at the table next to me is breast feeding her baby with no coverup."~hook.lined.sunk.

    Heather said...

    I love gossip mags! I've started browsing their sites instead of reading the actual mags though. People is my favorite, because they're usually the most accurate. TMZ always has the latest news though. :)

    Kristina said...

    lol I am a grocery store line reader as well, I just can't justify spending money on them! But I love to see the ridiculous stories, just the headlines and photos on the cover are usually entertaining enough ;)

    I'm a new follower from Thirsty Thursday blog hop! I'd love it if you would follow back :)


    SocialStudiesSoubrette said...

    Sometimes they are fun to look at. I really like the ones with the cellulite ;D

    carla jo said...

    Oh my. this made my day. I am obsessed!! seriously I am just like you...I will read them here, there, and everywhere! :) Loved your shout out to Dr Seuss btw!

    Laura said...

    DEFINITELY Love me some tabloid mags!! I have to admit though.. I love to flip through them but 9/10 I don't really read a lot of the articles.. haha. it's more like a picture book to me ;) with some big words here and there..

    Kristy said...

    I get my gossip fix in line at the grocery store! lol

    Hi, I’m your newest follower!

    KT @ KT's Refinishing School said...

    I love gossip magazines and don't mind waiting in line if it means I can read them without paying for them :)

    I had to go to Border's a few days before Christmas to get a few things and the line took about 30 minutes. Everyone around was annoyed and stressed--I was happy just reading my gossip rags!

    PinkMama said...

    Love these mags too. I don't buy them but I've been known to look at them here and there :). I do watch TMZ sometimes.

    New follower from Thirsty Thursday Blog Hop

    Mrs. Hyde said...

    I got used to reading US magazine because I had a free four year subscription due to a mix-up at the magazine company. When the term ended, I went through withdrawal for awhile.

    Chrissy said...

    I love reading them and the exact same ones you do!!

    Sam @ The Junk House said...

    I love celeb gossip. My mom has a subscription to People and saves them for me when she's done. Whenever we visit each other she gives me a bag full. It's like Christmas! I'm a new follower from Thirsty Thursday. I'd love for you to stop by.


    Mommy 2.0 said...

    My favorite is anything with Brangelina. I am
    Intrigued by their whole deal. Not sure why. So glad I found you on Thirsty Thursday. I'm a new follower!

    Mrs K said...

    Gossip magazine are so amusing!I always buy a big bunch when we go on vacay:)) So Im one of those travellers that leave the magazines in the seatpocket in the airplane when Im done reading it;)

    Crystal said...

    I'm a tabloid junkie. I love them hubby really thinks it's petty of me...but I don't care. I'm addicted to's my simple pleasure!