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Random thoughts while drinking....

May 20, 2011

Now that hockey season is over....I don't really have much to blog about!  Ok, that is a lie...I am often thinking to myself that "(insert idea)...would be great for my blog"...but I am either too busy, tired, or lazy to write a creative blog post.  Tonight I am having a cocktail (or six) and thought I would just randomly write about a few things.

Being a fan of BRAVO Reality TV (housewives, TopChef, Bethany, etc.) I decided to pick up a bottle of Skinny Girl Margarita at the liqueur store last month.  Um...HELLO!!!  This stuff is AMAZING!  Being a fan of margaritas, but not a fan of the high caloric intake while consuming them....I am hooked (four bottles later)!  Did you know that in 1.5 ounces of Skinny Girl Margarita there are ONLY 37.5 calories,  and 1.43 carbohydrates.  Which means a whole bottle is 937.5 calories!!

I know, you are much alcohol is in it.  Let's just say I drank a half of a bottle one night and had a pretty good headache the next morning (I told my husband I had stomach issues and needed to stay in bed).  The taste is delicious, and it doesn't taste like the syrupy (word?) premixed margaritas previously on the market.

So if you like a margarita, and don't want the guilt.....check out your local liqueur store and stock up buy the Skinny Girl Margarita!!

I have been working out five days a week, and watching what I eat.  My husband says he can tell I have lost weight, but the number on the scale has stayed pretty much the same.  If you remember this and would know we get our exercise on at the local YMCA.  I have had a few observations this week.

  • Hey you....young man in your late twenties!  I see you in your jeans, work boots and wife-beater tank top.  You grunt as you try to lift heavy weights, with REALLY BAD form.  I am sorry, but I am not excited by your display of muscle.  Instead of drooling over you, I am laughing about your small penis and subdued homosexual display as you pump weights with your friend.  I am not a professional (although I have had a personal trainer certificate through the National Academy of Sports Medicine for six years now, but what do I know) lifting a weight that is so heavy you can only do it three times (with bad form) not impressive!  

PS...I saw you try a new exercise today, and fail!  Seems that watching an exercise on YOUTUBE and doing it successfully are two different things.  

PSS....what is up with your two gallons of water and tupperware with baked chicken?  You are at the YMCA in Smalltown, are not at Gold's Gym on Venice Beach!

Did you know that if you watch every Stanley Cup playoff game....and each series possibly went to seven would end up watching 105 possible games!  
Guess what has been on our TV every night!  

I got a new pole!  It is an X-Pole....and it is almost two feet taller than my last pole (which I sold)!  This one has a spectacular view!



CMD said...

hahaha... baked chicken? really? the gym is always good for a laugh!  And what a GORGEOUS view you have! it's beautiful! 

Amandasalyer said...

I've been wanting to try Skinny Girl margaritas (i heart bethany ever after, her and her hubs crack me up!). Glad to know it's yummy :)

Must go buy now!

Susanne said...

105 games? Eh, wait, isn´t it more the all the pre-playoffs games of one team? I do not know much about the NHL but there are only 52 rounds or so in the CZ league! (And it´s played from September to March, I can´t imagine how would players be suffering when they had to be done with it within a month or two.)

Rancher Mom said...

What a gorgeous view you have there. 

It's in the Adventure Blogspot said...

LOL... I have always loved the women who go to the gym, jump on the treadmill/elliptical and talk on the phone the entire time. Cracks me up.

I will have to try the skinny girl margaritas (in 6 months). I have never seen it before.

Missy said...

Glad you're enjoying the off season! Young men in gyms are just annoying, why they think they can impress women by doing things wrong is beyond me and those girls who are impressed? Well I think it says a lot about them haha!! I love the pole btw!

Blonde_Morgan said...

If I didn't know better, I'd say that's a pretty healthy motivator by having the pole in the window!  What's even better is that it's automatically guilt free to indulge in a drink after a workout with that view. happy Sunday.

april said...

Did you crawl into my head to write this?  Our local liquor store FINALLY got Skinny Girl Margaritas and I bought a bottle last week delicious!  Scott made a cocktail run yesterday and picked up the last 2 bottles yesterday and I killed them last night while sitting outside.  DELICIOUS!  I actually didn't feel bad this morning at all and even got up to do INSANITY at 8:00.

I have been doing INSANITY along with running and the scale hasn't moved at all.  Everyone is telling me that I look thinner and I can fit in to pants that I haven't worn in 5 years but the scale doesn't move.

Congrats on the new pole!

Ross said...

That view is amazing! It's like the view I have over our lake at the cottage! That Skinny Girl Margaritas is making me thirsty! With medication I've been on for six years I haven't been able to drink but I might have to break the rules. One drink on my meds is like having three!! Less calories same effect!!!

KT @ KT's Refinishing School said...

The view behind the pole is absolutely gorgeous!  Makes me want summer to hurry up and get here already (it is 58 degrees today) :)

Crystalball1 said...

Hey girl! I've missed you. Well, I've missed a lot of my blogging friends. My AWOL-ness is inexplicable...ok, that's a lie. I have had A LOT going on. You're a hoot! I've never tried the Skinny Girl Margarita mix but it looks great! If you're going to promote a product, you should totally get some kind of recognition!! And the pole is awesome. I totally want to do a pole-workout! I've missed your wit! Hope all is going well in your "off" season!!