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The one about being stuck...

May 14, 2011

When you move twice a year, you tend to leave things in one home...only to be in another home wishing you had them.

A few seasons back, I had to decide what I would leave in our summer home as we headed out to our "hockey" home.  Since we were moving to a colder climate, I figured I would leave all of my beach clothes, cover-ups, hats, bags, etc.  No use packing things that wouldn't be used for the next eight months.
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However, at the end of the hockey season we had booked a trip to the Dominican Republic.  Since we would not be returning to our cottage before the trip, I had to purchase a few items that would be appropriate for the beach.  Dresses, swim suits, beach bags, cover-ups, etc.
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Before our big trip, we happened to take a (long) drive to visit my home state, and see my family.  This is where I planned to make my purchases.  My (skinny) sister helped me find some swimsuits....I appreciated her keeping her laughter inside of her head.  If you remember this post, then you know how much I love finding a swimsuit!
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Late one evening, I left my husband with the kids while I ran down to ROSS to look at dresses.
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As I scanned the racks I grabbed a few dresses to try on.  The store was closing in 20 minutes, and I knew I didn't have much time.  I grabbed different styles, sizes, etc and headed toward the dressing rooms.

After stripping down to my bra and panties I grabbed another dress.  I had to work a little bit to get it over my chest, but once I got it on the dress seemed to fit.  (My body type consists of a 36C chest, a smaller waist, and some hips and a butt.  I am somewhat of a muscular build). See photo of me below!
This is me in the pool at the Dominican Republic!


As I looked at myself in the mirror, I decided I was not a fan of the dress and I didn't care to purchase it. I knew the store was closing, and I had a few more dresses I wanted to try on.

I crossed my arms in front of my chest to pull the dress back over the my head.  As I did this, my back muscles expanded, and I instantly felt the fabric of the dress stretch to its maximum point overtop of my back...creating a strait-jacket effect.
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"Oh my God....the dress is too tight and is now stuck on my body!"

I quickly reassessed...was there a zipper I had missed?  How was I going to get out of this dress?  Beads of sweat began to form on my upper lip....

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I decided I was not going to be able get this dress off over my head and chest....but if I could get one arm inside...I could get the dress on an angle and get it over my head this way....I contorted my elbow and started pushing it inside the arm opening (this was a sleeveless dress)  My arm was bent like a chicken wing...part inside and part out....and now that too was stuck!  OH SHIT!
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I quickly thought about ways to get out of this situation.....
  • Call my sister and beg her to come down (with scissors)
  • Walk out of the dressing room with the dress on and proclaim how much I adored it and insist I purchase it without removing it from my body.
  • Walk out in my contorted state and confess that I was stuck....lose all since of dignity and let the employees have a good laugh at my expense.
  • Hide in the dressing room all night, praying I don't set off any alarms as I try to remove the dress overnight....

The blare of the store PA system woke me from my panic and made me focus.....I was going to have to get out of this dress.  I squeezed, contorted, and finally ripped the dress to get out of it.....I hung the dress up, put my clothes back on and I ran walked out of store without any pride...and a large bruise on my arm.
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I still suffer from a little guilt when I think about leaving the torn dress....but then my sister's laughter about the time I got stuck in a dress always snaps me out of it!


april said...

Ha!  I can totally picture this happening and it is SO something that would happen to me.  LOL


(skinny) sister said...

You tend to get stuck in things while shopping...remember the phone?  Thank god I had not had kids yet or I most definitely would have peed my pants!

TriGirl said...

 Been there!  I hate getting stuck in the change room!  I once split a seam on a wetsuit!! (eek! those are expensive!)  I think I pretty much always end up running like a banshee out of Ross after finding nothing that fits.

Lesley said...

I've had moments like that too.  That panic freak out moment when its stuck and that's all you can focus on.   

Missy said...

Hahah!! I can sympathise!! I always have the panic of..Oh no! I'm wearing crap underwear today and someone will see it!! I'd have done the same :-)

I used to work in a clothes shop through Uni and on occassions women had to be cut out of our £175 dresses!!

TexaGermaNadian said...

Haha, love the way you tell these stories (and how you get in, and in this case, out of them!)! Too funny lady. 

Ross said...

This is too funny!!! I can only imagine being in that situation. Believe me I would have done the same thing. I've had a shirt get stuck as I tried to pull it off but that was at home. If you only knew some of the things that people do to products and then out them back. I used to be a manager for a retail store and I could tell you all kinds of stories!!! 

KT @ KT's Refinishing School said...

I've almost gotten stuck in clothes a couple of times (never under the gun like that) and recognize the familiar panic and voice in your head saying, you break you buy :)

Happy Monday!

ixy said...

Haha!!  This has totally happened to me!  In my case the dress got stuck on my boobs.  An hourglass figure is overrated when clothes are cut for curves allowed.