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...and the finalists are

April 17, 2012

I would like to introduce the three finalists for the Discover Card contest...

It is up to you to help select the winner by going to Discover's Facebook Page and voting for who you think deserves to spend the day with the Stanley Cup! 

Here is a preview of the three finalists....

Army & Hockey

I deserve to win a day with the Stanley Cup because my hockey team, Fulton Red Raiders squirts helped me get through the rest of my hockey season because my day had to leave. He had to leave on January 28th to go over seas to fight for our Country. He is a solider. Hockey was something that me and my dad did together, every weekend, my mom don't like the cold. My dad will not be back until almost the end of next year's hockey season, and I can't wait. So to win a day with the Stanley Cup would mean a lot to me, my dad and the soldiers, it would be awesome if the New Jersey Devils win, that's my dad's favorite team. Noah D.

My Knight Is My Trophy

l was looking for love and found it at a skating rink! My knight in shining armor was a defenseman with pads, skates, a helmet and rather than holding a sword he had a hockey stick. Ahh, l had found my true love. He had only one flaw, his favorite team was my teams' arch enemy for many years, but at least his team was also one of the original six. When we got married no cake was "just right" for us, so we decided what better way to start our wedded life than with a cake that looked like The Stanley Cup. After all, winning my husbands love was like winning The Stanley Cup for me.

Inventing Hockey from Thin Air

My son, Nick, was born with spina bifida. When he was nine years old, he decided he wanted to play hockey. Of course, standing hockey was out of the picture, but sled hockey exists for people like Nick. Because we live in Southern California, there was no sled hockey team for 500 miles. My son decided that hockey was important enough that he started his own sled hockey program from scratch. Of course, he had help from mom and dad (my husband and me), but Nick is the country's biggest hockey fan. Other people follow a team, and some people play, but my son thought hockey was important enough that he has invested himself and most of his spare time to bringing sled hockey to our area. When hockey wasn't available, he made it appear out of thin air! Now, Nick's team has eleven members, and about six more players who play with him occasionally. They're raising money to purchase more sleds and travel. He is such an inspiration! If anyone is a hockey fan, Nick is!

 Voting will be open until April 21st, with the winner being announced on May 6, 2012.  

Discover Card is the official card of the NHL!   
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(I voted...but I won't tell you who I voted for until the winner is announced!)  

I was compensated for this post with Discover gift cards. All comments are mine and were not swayed by the compensation!  Be sure to follow me on Twitter for your chance to win your own Discover Gift Cards!


Tellwut said...

If you'd like to post a free opinion poll on our website, please feel free as we have lots of hockey fans!

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