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There's something about Stanley!

April 1, 2012

It is getting to be that time  of the year....

The end of the 2011-2012 Hockey season has quickly snuck up on us, and playoffs are right around the corner.  I once posted this little tidbit about NHL playoffs...

Did you know that if you watched every Stanley Cup playoff game....and each series possibly went to seven would end up watching 105 possible games!  

There's definitely something about Stanley!  

The first time I met Stanley, I had just given birth to my daughter.  My husband and I were in Toronto, and we decided to check out the Hockey Hall of Fame.  
At the very end of the day, we went upstairs into a beautiful space known as the "Great Hall".  
In the Great Hall you will find a vault with the original Stanley Cup from 1892.  There are also displays of all the trophies awarded in hockey and the images of every Hall of Fame inductee.  In the center of the Great Hall is The Stanley Cup (a replica, as the real Stanley Cup travels all over the world.)
Of course, it is wise to take a picture of yourself with the cup. (However, it is not wise to do so right after birthing a baby!) The best part is that you stand right next to the Cup, and touch it as well.  No velvet ropes to keep you at arm's length at the Hockey Hall of Fame! 
Did I mention how I had just had a baby and was still carrying the baby weight?
The second time I met Stanley...was this night.  I have this day forever burned into my memory!  I am sure you can figure out why after reading the post.  Hanging with Wayne and Stanley in one day....Of course I was not carrying any baby weight this time, and conveniently I can not find a picture to save my life! Oh is one! {wink}

Thank God for Tales of a Hockey wife photo magic! 

The third time I met was a beautiful day in the fall. I cherish the photos I have with my children and Stanley.  There was a picture of my son sitting in Lord Stanley that even made a magazine!

My kids and Stanley! My daughter on the right was the baby in the picture at the Hall of Fame! 
Unfortunately, we have not {yet} had the opportunity to do this....

The Day With the Cup!  

Starting in 1995, each player on the Championship team gets to spend the day with the Stanley Cup.  Although I can tell you that there is a Stanley Cup ring in our husband received it before the tradition of spending the day with the Cup began.  I can only hope we have a chance to one day eat ice cream from the bowl of the most famous trophy of all!  But until that day comes...Discover Card is giving one person a chance to spend the day with The Stanley Cup!

Do you know what you would do if you won?  

I am excited to work with Discover Card to promote such a great contest.  This is a first at Tales of a Hockey Wife...and although I have been contacted before to promote various products/services on my blog, it never felt like something I could relate to my blogging.  However, there is something magical about being in the presence of the Stanley Cup.  I don't care if you follow hockey or not.  When the Stanley cup is near, you cannot help but to reach out and touch it.  

To enter Discover's Day With The Stanley Cup...

  •  Discover is encouraging hockey fans to submit an original photo that best demonstrates their passion for hockey, along with a 1000 character or less description that answers the question, “I deserve a day with the Stanley Cup because…” Entries can be submitted to Discover’s Facebook fan page by visiting and following the instructions. 
  • After April 12, three final entries will be chosen and posted to Facebook where the public will have five days to vote for their favorite entry. The contestant with the most votes by 11:59 p.m. ET on April 21, 2012 will be deemed the official Day With the Cup™ Winner, and will be awarded the ultimate hockey package, which includes spending a day with the Stanley Cup, celebrating with family and friends, having the experience documented and featured during game one of the Stanley Cup® Final, as well as round trip airline fare, hotel and tickets to one of the games of the Stanley Cup Final.  
  • Day With the Cup™ is open to all legal residents of the 50 United States who are at least 18 years old. Legal guardians of children under the age of 18 are eligible to enter on behalf of their children. All eligible entries will be judged by representatives of the Sponsor and an independent judge to determine three Finalists based on the on the following criteria: originality and creativity of essay, enthusiasm as demonstrated in essay, appropriateness of photo to theme and sincerity of essay.
Did you know Discover Card is the official card of the NHL?  It is also the very first credit card I ever received!  I was eighteen years old.  Twenty years later, I still have (and use) my Discover Card.  Maybe it was destiny that my life would revolve around hockey?  I have probably spent so much money over those twenty years on my Discover Card...that I could buy my own Stanley Cup! Although, it might be easier to just get my 15% Cash Back at when I use my Discover Card. 

Not only do you get the chance to spend the day with The Stanley Cup...Discover Card is also giving me two (2) $25.00 Discover gift cards to give away randomly to two of my blog readers!  Who doesn't want an extra $25.00 to spend?  All I ask is that you leave a comment on this post or on Twitter, telling me what you would eat/drink out of The Stanley Cup if you could spend the day with it. (Be sure to tag @hockeywifetales and @discover in your answer!)  I am intrigued by your responses, as I am sure you have thought about it on a regular basis!

I would eat this!

Be sure to follow me on Twitter @hockeywifetales as I share some of my favorite Stanley Cup food/drink comments each day!  You can also follow @Discover  to find out the latest entry information for Discover's Day With The Stanley Cup!

I will select my two random winners of the $25.00 Discover gift cards on April 12, 2012...the last day you can enter to win a chance to spend the day with The Stanley Cup, courtesy Discover Card!

Disclosure: I have been compensated by Discover Card for the above post.  However, I would not accept compensation unless I truly believed in the contest I have written about.




Ashley Tucker said...

I would drink diet coke out of mine!

April said...

How cool is that!  I would take a nap with it, take it to Kanin's school and to his arena, eat spaghetti out of it, fill it with wine!  I could go on and on.  Such a neat thing.  I wonder if the two gloved guys will be there to make sure no one lifts it above their heads?!

Elise said...

I would eat mint chocolate chip ice cream with chocolate sauce (not hot fudge) and crumbled oreos.  And the best part about it would be that the calories would NOT count at all.  Because it only makes sense that when you eat or drink from the Stanley Cup the calories don't count, right?

Katrina said...

I think it would have to be ice cream as well! =) My husband would love this! He is a huge hockey fan!

Elise said...

I don't think my comment posted, so I'm going to try again (and if it's just that I am being anxious, feel free to delete this one :-))
I would eat mint chocolate chip ice cream with chocolate sauce (not hot fudge) and crumbled oreos.  And because I'm eating it out of the Stanley Cup, the calories wouldn't count.  Because it makes sense that calories don't count then, right?
Also, while driving outside of Rochester, NY yesterday I saw a billboard that I almost took a picture of that said Molson was the only beer that was good enough to be drunk out of the cup - didn't have enough time to snap a picture, but I thought of this post :-)

soha molina said...

I would drink wine

t2upton said...

I would throw a party and serve Queso dip in the cup.