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How to kill your blog...{without even trying}!

January 8, 2012

The last time I wrote an original post on this blog was December 3, 2011 (click here).  Since that time, I posted some previous posts as filler, so it would look like I was blogging.  I even created a Facebook page and linked it to my twitter account in hopes that it would seem as though I was creating whimsical thoughts that were no more than 14o characters long!
I promise you I have great ideas for posts that I want to share with the time I met Wayne Gretzky (let's just say it involved Milk Duds).  I could tell you why my husband, myself, my children, and anyone related to me has no political future because of something I may have done in 1997.  I want to discuss my lack of will-power to eat properly for the last eight days?  My "get in shape" resolution for 2012 lasted 12 minutes and 34 seconds.  The list goes on and on.....and still, I have yet to post a single thing on my blog for the new year.

I guess you could say I have been:
                                                      a) BUSY
                                                      b) TIRED
                                                      c) LAZY
                                                      d) ALL OF THE ABOVE

If you guessed (d) then you are correct.

I would like to think the Holiday season had something to do with the busy and tired part.  I am always so excited to pull out the Christmas decorations while listening to the wonderful sounds of Christmas music.  This year's favorite album was Michael Bublé's Christmas album
My husband left town right after US Thanksgiving, and I got to work putting up the tree and decorating the house.  My son wanted me to put up lights outside, but after this happened last year....I decided against it.  However, our neighbor felt the need to put an ugly WHITE strand of lights on a tree that from the road looks like it could be ours.

First off...who wraps a white cord around a green tree?  Second, my four year old son could have done a better job wrapping the small tree! And third....the damn white strand of lights is still there! I swear to God, if those lights are still there in March!!!!
(I would take a picture of it...but that is where answer (c) comes in...I am too LAZY!)

Anyhow...I swear my husband was either on the road or had a game every night in December, including being out of town for the entire week before Christmas.  I got the stomach flu, my daughter got croup, and my son had a horrible cold.

We drove on all day on the 23rd to spend Christmas with my husband's family...and drove all day on the 25th to get back home.  Meanwhile, it has now been a whole year since I have seen my mom, dad and sister.

By December 26th...I was more than happy to take down every last drop of Christmas cheer...and I hope Michael Bublé is comfortable resting in the depths of my iTunes until next year.  Any decoration that did not get set out for Christmas 2011 is now sitting at the local Salvation Army.  As I was struggled for an hour to figure out how to put our 8.5' artificial tree back in the box it came in..I was tempted to get rid of that too!

I did make it to my first hockey game the day after Christmas...My husband's team was winning by three goals when I got to the game.....but never scored again once I showed up.  They lost that night.  OOPS!

By the time New Year's Eve came around...I was ready to start 2012 with a fresh new outlook.  I was going to eat right....exercise more...and start posting more on Tales of a Hockey Wife.  We spent New Year's Eve at a good friend's house.  I wore my sweats and deemed the night BYOS (Bring Your Own Slippers).  At 12:05 a.m. we said our good byes and we went home.
On New Year's day, my promise to stay away from carbs ended at 8:12 am...when I woke up and ate an egg burrito on a flour tortilla.  So much for eating right (said the bag of guacamole chips I polished off last night)......I did pick up another Zumba class to teach, so at least I have added some more exercise to my week (and I get paid to do it!).

So it should be no surprise that my Blogger stats have taken a direct hit.  I wonder why this should bother me....but it does.  When I see that people are reading my posts, it gives me a dose of pleasure....just as each new follower on Google Friends does.  I rarely hear...."Wow, the house looks so clean", or "Thanks for doing my laundry", or "Thank you for keeping food in the house" from my family. Just knowing that people appreciate the time I put into my blog (those hockey masks don't just appear on "borrowed" stock photos from the web) and that they are reading my post and leaving comments... fills my empty "thank you" tank.

So hang in there...I promise the Wayne Gretzky Milk Duds post will follow soon!


Stasiayates said...

I was wondering if you fell of into the great hockey abyss! Not that I had time to read any blogs. Great to see your back. Would love to catch up in a chat soon.

Vapidvixen said...

Your description of cleaning up after Christmas sounds like me every time I've moved.  I get tired and impatient and decide to throw stuff away and just buy more once I'm moved in.  When I started doing that with furniture, I knew I had a expensive one.

I hope you get to see your family soon. :( A year is WAY too long.

TriGirl said...

I've also felt like things have been quieter on the blogging front over the last, say, 2 months. And hearing crickets can make it not so motivating to keep going. So the thing I asked myself was, do I enjoy putting the posts together?  And yes, I do. So I continue to post and *try* (really, really, really try) to remember that that is my focus.  Then I can be happy, regardless of my stats...right?? :)

Big Fat Gini said...

We all totally have those moments. I had a pretty big mental block for a large chunk of the last half of 2011. I only posted because I'm obligated via contract. Where's the fun in that? 

When blogging (or life) isn't fun, it's time to take a break. You do what you gotta do and you come back hopefully stronger and ready to write again. Because seriously, I'm DYING to hear about the Milk Dud Incident!

Krafty Max Originals said...

From one blogger to another - and I understand about not hearing it enough - THANK YOU!  ~KM

April said...

This made me smile for so many reasons:
1. The green tree with white lights pic was priceless.
2. I think everyone broke their "eating right" resolution on either NYE or NY day.
3. Scott has only been to 2 Blues games this year and we lost both of them.  Our season ticket rep called to tell us our gift was ready and we needed to pick it up but once she found out that we lose when Scott shows up, she told him to stay away and please don't come if Blues make playoffs.  Ha!  How funny is that?  I think she was only half-kidding.
4.  You mentioned "The Great One" (also once a Blue).  Can't wait to hear this story.

Steph Hostman said...

It seems like a lot of people are going through the winter blahs early this year. I know I am. Your posts may not be frequent but they do make me smile every time I read them. Things will turn around, for everyone, soon enough. Meanwhile You won't lose this reader.